Tips to Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Bright and Bold This Summer!

Summer is here, a time to celebrate and enjoy with friends and family! Whether you’re traveling the world, visiting exotic locations, or throwing a pool party in your own backyard – you want to look your best! Rock your rainbow hair with these simple tips to keep your hair colour looking bright and bold.

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Unfortunately, it can be incredibly challenging to maintain that beautiful colour, especially during the summer months. There are a number of things working against you this time of year, such as exposure to the summer sun, chlorinated pools and salt water swimming, each of which contribute to fading.

Before you give up on your dream of rainbow hair this season, I’ve got some great news – Summer doesn’t have to spell disaster for your hair colour! Sure, you could protect and maintain your colour simply by staying indoors, but what fun is that? Why miss out on this great weather? This is one situation where you can have  your cake and eat it too. 

You can have your summer adventures AND your favourite bold hair colour! Check out these tips to keep your hair colour bright and bold: 

#1 – Cover Up!

There are many great options of accessories if you’re looking to be out and about this summer, but want to block the sun’s damaging UV rays from reaching your bold rainbow hair. Why not rock a stylish sun hat, your favourite baseball cap (for shorter hair styles) or a beautiful headscarf? Not only will these accessories add a great personal touch to your daily outfit, but they will keep your hair safely tucked away. 

If you planning a beach day or a poolside retreat, the use of an umbrella will offer a few benefits. Not only will you limit the sun exposure for your hair, an umbrella will provide you with much needed shade on a hot day while also cutting back on sun exposure for your skin, another important factor to consider anytime you’re outdoors! There are a number of great beach style umbrellas that are easy to use, and often highly portable.

Finally, the sun isn’t the only risk factor you can cover up to avoid. If you’re set on going for a swim, but don’t want to expose your hair to chlorine, try purchasing a swim cap. There are many options in different colours, sizes, styles and shapes – don’t be afraid to try them out and decide which will work best for you. 

#2 – Deep Conditioning

Not only can sun exposure lead to faded hair colour, but it can also leave hair feeling brittle and dry. Sun and heat damage can have a lasting impact on the overall health of your hair, but that’s not the only downfall. Damaged hair has a more difficult time both taking and maintaining colour. For this reason, it’s important to take whatever steps we can to prevent unnecessary damage and keep our hair as healthy as possible. Throughout the summer months, make time to use a deep conditioning product on your hair to restore much needed moisture and protein. 

If you are one to bask in the sun at home, you can actually put these products to work at the same time! Before heading out into the sun apply the deep conditioning treatment or mask to your hair and then cover it with a headscarf or turban. The scarf will shield your hair from the sun while underneath the conditioning treatment will work to protect and rejuvenate your hair. Simply rinse it out when you decide to come back inside. 

#3 – Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

We’ve been told all our lives about the importance of applying sunscreen before going out into the sun, but did you know there are also products specifically designed to work in a similar way for your hair? These ‘hair sunscreen’ products will prevent the sun’s rays from removing both moisture and colour from your hair, helping it to stay bold, bright and as healthy as possible. It should be noted, however, that the process of using these products and then washing them out afterward, will still contribute to some fading. If you are looking for the most effective way to eliminate fading, it is better to simply cover your hair and avoid exposure entirely as previously mentioned. 

#4 – Quick Rinse

While this tip isn’t nearly as effective as the preventative options prevented above, we always need to be prepared for the unexpected! If you head out for an impromptu swim with friends and family, or if you simply want to enjoy a swim without the need for a shower cap, your hair is going to be exposed to any number of potential risk factors. The salt water or chlorine found in pools are both known for contributing to fading, and there are any number of contaminants when swimming in natural bodies of water. In fact, many hair dye addicts will tell you that a swim in a chlorinated pool is one of the quickest ways to fade colour! 

As soon as you get out of the water, take the time to carefully rinse your hair. This will remove any harmful substances preventing them from continuing to react with your hair or hair colour. If you have the opportunity to do a quick wash (with a sulfate and paraben free product), even better, but that’s not always an option. Even a quick rinse can make a big difference. 

#5 – Get Creative with Style

Regardless of how much prep time you have or what other activities you may have going on in your day, a simple way to prevent unnecessary fading is simply to be strategic with the way you choose to style your hair. It is well-known that putting your hair up, off your neck, will help you to cool down as it provides for more airflow in that area, but did you know it can also protect your hair colour? Hair allowed to rest on your neck will be exposed to sweat which will promote fading. It may also lead to skin staining as your hair dye bleeds. 

An added bonus to wearing your hair up – You can actually get into the pool and float around without getting your hair wet at all (assuming you don’t go underwater). It’s a great way to have the best of both worlds. This is a great chance to show off your personality and style while also preparing yourself for the summer heat. 

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There is no guaranteed solution to maintain your hair colour forever, especially in the summer sun. However, if you combine the suggestions listed above with your regular hair colour maintenance you can keep your hair colour looking bright and bold throughout the summer months! So, get out there, enjoy the sun and rock that rainbow hair! Let your beauty shine for the world to see!

woman with blue hair lying next to the pool with the title 'keep your hair colour looking bright and bold this summer'

Do you have any tips/tricks for maintaining your coloured hair in the summer? I’d love to hear your go-to secret to keep your hair colour looking bright and bold!

24 thoughts on “Tips to Keep Your Hair Colour Looking Bright and Bold This Summer!”

  1. Great tips. I have been using Splat for the longest time. Currently, I got a black & blue color that only lasts long since I don’t wash it often


    1. Splat is actually pretty harsh on your hair, have you explored any other dyes? I used to use Splat as well until I got into some rainbow hair groups and was pushed to investigate the different options, and the pros and cons of each.

  2. Great post! Thanks for sharing your tips. I’ll definitely bear them in mind especially when I’m on holiday next month. I usually keep my hair tied up when it’s hot or put a sun hat on. Love your blog!

    1. I really need to get a new sun hat. Such a fun way to have a little ‘style’ while also keeping your hair safe!

    1. My hair does the natural highlights thing when it isn’t dyed – but lately I’ve been addicted to the bright coloured ‘rainbow’ hair

  3. I’ve been wanting to color my hair a rose gold color, and this is giving me more Reasons to do it. You’re such a bad influence ???

  4. Fab tips! I had silver in my hair before the shave and used this blue stuff to shampoo and condition ? I’m in chlorine a lot because I enjoy swimming so need to take better care as this grows out x

    1. Thank you! It was kinda fun sharing that – been debating sharing the techniques I use for some of the random colour blends, etc as I do them more often… I love it soo much hahaha

  5. What an informative post! I just dyed my hair (back to) purple and this couldn’t be any more current for maintaining my do! Do you have any recommendations for a deep conditioner to use?

    1. I didn’t know about sun screen for your hair for years! It was like a major revelation when I discovered it lol

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