nomadik subscription box spread out on the ground among autumn leaves displaying all the products it contains

The Nomadik Subscription Box | The Perfect Gift for the Adventurer in Your Life!

Subscription boxes are all the buzz on social media as of late, including everything from the latest cosmetics and fashion favourites to boxes full of toys and treats for your pup. While I’ve heard there is something for everyone, I wasn’t truly sold… until now! Marketed as a ‘subscription box for adventurers’, The Nomadik subscription boxes are a must-have for the outdoor lover in your life!

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A rapidly growing sector of our retail economy, subscription services and boxes are a fun and convenient way to treat ourselves to the latest and greatest products in a specific niche or market. It’s simple – Find a company that curates a box for your specific interests, select your delivery frequency (if options are available) and set up payment. After that, you’re off to the races! Each month (or biweekly, quarterly, annual, etc.) a box will arrive at your door filled with different products. While some will be from well-known brands, others will provide you with the opportunity to try something new.

You simply have to log onto Instagram or YouTube, and you will find yourself overwhelmed with the number of unboxing videos and pictures, especially when it comes to the beauty and cosmetic industry. From high-end cosmetics to the newest green initiatives, they’ve got you covered. But, what about those who are looking for something a little different? What about those of us who would happily swap highlighters and foundation for hiking boots and campfires?

Enter, The Nomadik!

The Nomadik is a company that curates subscription boxes for hikers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. Their boxes contain the latest gear to hit the market as well as some reliable favourites that every outdoor enthusiast could enjoy.

Sure, the term ‘outdoor enthusiast’ is a pretty broad title. Rest assured, the company has kept that in mind! When you sign up for the service, you are asked to complete a questionnaire discussing your specific interests. The answers to this questionnaire are then used to customize the box that you receive. Furthermore, challenging you to make the most of the gear you receive, each box includes a monthly outdoor challenge that matches the theme for that specific box.

The boxes are priced at $32.95 for a month to month subscription, with the option to save if you are willing to commit to 6 months or a year at a time. In return, you will receive up to $70 in retail value including up to 7 full-size, premium gear pieces.

Still not sure that it’s going to work for you? Don’t worry, the company offers an Ironclad Guarantee: If you aren’t 100% happy with the items that you have been set, the company will work with you to set it right. This includes working to swap up an item free of charge for one that is better suited for your personal interests, or, if it’s simply not working for you, they will offer you a full refund.

close up of a man lighting a campfire with UCO stormproof sweetfire matches

The company offered to send me their welcome box to review, and I was quick to accept. After all, it all sounds too good to be true and I needed to see it for myself!

The moment the box ships, you are sent a tracking email, allowing you to keep an eye on the shipment. The company is based in the United States but is willing to ship Internationally. By providing tracking information, I was able to keep an eye on the shipping process to ensure there weren’t any snags as it came across the border into Canada.

Now, let me confess something… I have a bit of a gear problem. What do I mean by that? I pride myself on being financially responsible and avoiding overspending BUT that all goes out the window when it comes to outdoor gear. We LOVE camping and hiking, and I can’t help but find myself adding items to my Amazon wishlist regularly. Therefore, I was REALLY excited to see what I would receive.

selfie of a woman holding onto a The Nomadik subscription box

When the box arrived, I forced myself to set it aside and wait for our upcoming camping trip before I could open it. It was over a week of staring at that box before I was finally able to tear into it and discover what secrets it contained firsthand…

The Welcome Box included: a Lawson parachute Hammock and Suspension System, UCO Stormproof Sweetfire 8 pack matches, Noso Gear Repair Kit, Skratch Labs Hydration Mix.

Also included in the box was a small pamphlet that explained information about each of the items (including identifying that a couple of items are Nomadik exclusive offers), some safety information regarding hammocks and bonfires, discount codes for further purchases from the brands featured in the box as well as the monthly challenge for the welcome box.

“For this Welcome Box challenge, we want to see your favourite spot to decompress. We encourage you to let yourself relieve any tensions and stress from the outside world, and focus on what’s in front of you.”

And I did just that… I had the box open for all of 10 seconds before I was eyeing up the campsite to find the perfect place to hang the hammock. Luckily, the hammock is a solid, sturdy hammock because my pups weren’t about to let me hang out there alone! It took no time at all for Indy to hop in the hammock with me for some relaxing puppy cuddles.

woman sitting in a parachute hammock outdoors in the autumn with a black medium-sized dog in the hammock next to her

Overall, I was quite happy with the gear included, especially when you consider the fact that this was just a generic welcome box. At this point, I hadn’t completed a survey or done anything to receive a box that was specifically curated. I did some searching on Amazon for comparable products (recognizing that some are Nomadik exclusives, so I couldn’t be exact) and found that the gear would definitely hit (or exceed) the $70 retail estimate on the website.

I absolutely love the hammock (although I may be biased, as I was a hammock lover before this started). Since climbing into that hammock, my husband has now claimed my old parachute hammock so that there will be 2 on our campsites moving forward. Furthermore, my husband and I were both impressed with the stormproof matches as we decided to test them out on a wet, rainy weekend. It’s clear that they weren’t just sending junk, this is gear we could use regularly.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift this season for the adventurer in your life, look no further! Interested in spoiling yourself a little? Go for it! We all need a little more happiness in our lives from time to time, and this is a great (and practical) way to add some joy to our lives each month!

nomadik subscription box spread out on the ground among autumn leaves displaying all the products it contains in a Pinterest graphic

You can check out the subscription options or jump right in with your first box HERE!

42 thoughts on “The Nomadik Subscription Box | The Perfect Gift for the Adventurer in Your Life!”

  1. This is the perfect box and Christmas present for any adventurer or outdoor lover in your life! I love subscription boxes and seeing all the different options that are out there – there really is a subscription box for everything these days – and I’ve never seen one like this before! x

    1. We’ve been debating going the subscription box route for my husband and I (and the pups) as a way of doing ‘Christmas presents’ for one another, and this one definitely has me on board!

  2. This is awesome! I love how it’s geared towards outdoorsy people! Probably the first one that I have seen like this. Perfect timing post too especially given the holidays are right around the corner!

  3. This is SUCH a good idea! I’ve seen a lot of subscription boxes, but this is the first one that’s got me super excited and I’m not even a big traveller in this way. It just seems so… Useful, and I love that that hammock could withstand both you and the dog, that’s so sturdy!

    1. Isn’t it great? I avoided so many of the subscription boxes because I was worried I’d just end up collecting a bunch of ‘stuff’ I’d never get around to using, but this is the total opposite!

  4. Oh wow, if there was ever a subscription box for me then this is it! I love the outdoors and especially hiking. That hammock looks really comfy.

    1. It was SO comfortable – I could have easily spent all weekend just hanging out there if we didn’t have other plans, like hiking and handing out candy hahaha

  5. I’ve seen so many different types of subscription boxes out there but this is my first time hearing about the Nomadik box. It looks so cool and definitely a great and super fun gift idea for my adventurer pals! Great post!

    1. Isn’t it awesome? I hadn’t seen anything like this before I came upon it either. I feel like it opens up the world of subscription boxes to a whole new group of people!

  6. The subscription box business is really such an interesting model and there is a subscription box for everything at this point. Many of them aren’t anything new but this is different and it seems as though there is some quality gear. I would have been content with just the hammock! Perfect gift idea for the adventurer in your life.

    1. I totally agree! I would have been completely happy with just the hammock when I got it too – everything else was like icing on the cake!

    1. I LOVE the hammock. We have a couple around here (I am a big fan of hammock time when we’re camping) but the one that came with my box is definitely the go-to for our adventures moving forward. It’s super light-weight for travel and incredibly comfortable.

  7. I’ve never heard of subscription boxes and subscription services before. I’d call them “Surprise Me!” boxes. It definitely sounds like a lot of fun and a great way to experience new products, which otherwise I may not even think of and know they exist. I would not experiment with cosmetics as I’m way too picky to try different stuff on my face, but the Nomadik subscription box sounds excellent and I agree that it makes the perfect gift for the adventurer. The hammock in the picture looks awesome.

    Thank you for the post. I learned something new from it.

    1. The hammock is GREAT! If they were looking for a product to win people over in an intro box, I would say that they nailed it!

    1. Isn’t it fun? I love that I would actually use all the items included rather than having them just add to the ‘clutter’ in my house lol

  8. The hammock looks amazing, I sure need to save this! I must confess, my eyes were all over that cute doggie laying with you! I just can’t help myself, there is only one thing I love more than travel stuff, and thats dogs haha

    1. We’ve got 2 dogs and they are both total SUCKS! I love that they travel with us whenever we’re out camping/hiking because having them along has always made the trips better!

  9. The Nomadik subscription box looks really interesting! It’s perfect for those people that love outdoor activities like hiking and camping! I’ve started to really get into hiking and so I would be curious to see what products would be part of this. I’m not sure how you resisted opening the box! Hahaha The hammock looks so comfy, what a great item to have when camping!

  10. Alexandra Christensen

    That looked really cool! I don’t get to hike anymore but when I lived in California and even DC I would hike all the time. And this type of a subscription would definitely be something I would enjoy. It must have been hard for you to wait a week to open it!

  11. I love this! I’m not much of a wilderness person — forest trails don’t seem tend to be wheelchair accessible — but I love adventuring wherever there is a paved path. That the creators of this box have thought it through to not just giving you the gear, but also giving you a monthly challenge to use the gear is just awesome. Helps you get to know the product and have fun using it, rather than it gathering dust on a shelf

    1. There are many great trails around the Ontario parks for those in a wheelchair if you’re ever adventuring in the area – a friend of mine has been exploring them and camping/hiking around the province in his chair and he’s shared some stunning photos of the various areas that he has visited.

  12. Now this is the kind of subscription box I can get behind! Most of them are makeup and girly product based. I don’t need any more of that stuff. The closest I’ve come to a monthly subscription is through Grunt Style clothing. But this one certainly peaked my interest and I will be bringing it to my husband’s attention so that we can give it a try.

    1. I was SO impressed by the quality of the items in the box that I received. I already owned a hammock, but this one was a nice step up quality-wise! It has now become my go-to camping hammock.

  13. Very cool! I can think of a lot of my friends who would love this. And it’s nice to get durable items too. So many subscription boxes just seem like fluff items that would end up taking up space in your home – this one is very practical for a serious outdoors person!

    1. Yes! That’s why I have been so hesitant to jump on the subscription box trend – I am a person who HATES clutter and the stuff that comes with many of those boxes ends up being just that… more clutter around the house. I love that the items in this box are so practical with our lifestyle.

  14. Wow, I have seen many kinds of subscription boxes from make-up to pet stuff, but never heard/seen one for camping/outdoors! Looks like there are wonderful and handy items in there, I wouldn’t mind getting a hammock (though to hang it will be a problem). It is great of them to also add a pamphlet with information + some safety instructions.
    Great post!

    1. There are self-standing hammock stands available on Amazon (I have one for my back yard where I only have one tree, so hanging a hammock would be a challenge lol)

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