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Everything You Need For a Spooky Spa Day at Home!

Are you looking for a fun and creative way to embrace this spooky season and enjoy some quality self-care at home? After all, we all need to make a little more time in our busy schedules to prioritize our mental and emotional health. Why not enjoy a Spooky Spa Day?

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This summer the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) released a report that put the pressures of being self-employed into perspective. Interviewing entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country, the organization discovered that a large number of the country’s self-employed are struggling with fatigue, depression and high-stress levels. In fact, nearly half of those who were interviewed stated that their mental health issues were interfering with their ability to work.

While it’s easy to dismiss that information as not applying to you, an estimated 15% of all those employed in Canada are self-employed. Much of the information on the CMHA report would also apply to those who are living a ‘work from home’ lifestyle, even if they are technically considered an employee. Not to mention the fact that mental health struggles aren’t just reserved for the self-employed…

Look around you this time of year and you will find signs of Halloween everywhere. Witches, vampires and ghosts line store shelves while everything and anything possible is available in pumpkin spice. It really is the best time of the year!

Check Out These Suggestions For A DIY Spooky Spa Day:

#1 – Set the Mood with Seasonal Candles

Before you get started, you want to create the perfect atmosphere for your spa day. One great way to do this is to incorporate some seasonal scented candles into the mix. There is the obvious choice this time of year, pumpkin spice. Not a pumpkin spice lover? Don’t fret! There are many other options available that will trigger thoughts of all things autumn and Halloween including scents like mulled cider, autumn leaves and apple pie.

#2 – Run Yourself A Relaxing Bath

One of the most common self-care activities for a reason, there is little as relaxing as soaking in a relaxing bath. You can include your favourite bath products including a bath bomb, bubble bath or a luxury body wash. Many companies have limited Halloween-themed products currently on the market! If you really want to go all out, make sure that you’ve got a Halloween patterned towel to wrap yourself in when all is said and done.

#3 – Pamper Yourself With Your Favourite Products

What products make you feel like you’re getting the luxury experience? From face masks to foot soaks, there are many great products on the market. Take some time to list out some of your ‘must-have’ favourite sand even a luxury bucket list item if the budget allows for it. You can add a little spooky fun to this mix by selecting products from your favourite brands that are specifically released with a Halloween or autumn theme in mind.

Another option is to try some DIY spa day recipes to make your own beauty products including body scrubs and lip products. Check out this video for instructions to create 3 fun pumpkin spice products using ingredients from around the home:

#4- Don’t Forget the Seasonal Drink

No spa day is complete without a drink in hand. While you’re likely going to be carrying around a glass of champagne or a simple cucumber water if you go to a traditional spa, that doesn’t exactly scream autumn. Instead, grab a pumpkin spice latte or mix up a fun autumn-themed cocktail. The sky is the limit, so let yourself get creative! Multiple ideas? Try them all! Who said you had to limit yourself to a single drink?

close up of the face of a woman in the bath with spooky makeup, candles behind her with the title everything you need for a spooky spa day at home

BONUS – Throw On Your Favourite Spooky Playlist

I don’t know about you, but I’m not generally a fan of silence. If you spend any time in our home, you will discover that there is always music playing in the background, setting the mood for whatever we have going on at the time. There are SO many songs that will help you create that perfect spooky mood, so get creative! Stick with your favourite genre or branch out and try something new. 

Do you have an account on Spotify? If not, this is a great way to create the perfect playlist for your next spa day, party or event. Better yet, it’s free to use as long as you have a reliable internet connection to stream music. Simply create a new playlist and add songs to it as they come to mind. Looking for inspiration to get started? Check out this Halloween playlist that I have started! 

Do you prefer going out for a spa day or would you enjoy a spooky spa day at home?

Do you have any other ideas for the perfect day? Share them in the comments below!

32 thoughts on “Everything You Need For a Spooky Spa Day at Home!”

  1. I love the season of Halloween and treating yourself to a spa day is fine by me anytime! Yes, I love it whenever my kids, when they were young, would go to various houses. The ones with ‘spooky’ music always set the ambiance!

  2. wow that’s unexpectedly interesting! a spa day at home ,a and a spooky one. i guess that the only option to have a spa day when you also have kids! hahaha love the idea!

    1. We have no kids, but sometimes I just don’t feel like dealing with ‘people’ hahaha – It’s a fun way to enjoy some quiet alone time but also pamper yourself a bit.

  3. The candles are my go-to! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE candles. Autumn candles are my absolute favorite though. I’m semi-obsessed with candles, but I always stock up around this time. They just make the home smell delicious and look so cozy!

    1. I’m a huge candle lover too! I recently hit the bottom of my favourite apple cider candle, so I am going to have to go shopping for more (aww shucks lol)

    1. It really makes a huge difference, and it doesn’t have to be a big time commitment. I worded it as a ‘spa day’ but rarely ever take a full day off honestly. Instead, I’ll often enjoy a ‘spa evening’

    1. I’ve heard that it’s starting to pick up more in the UK, so hopefully that means you will have more products like that in the near future! Until then, you may be able to find something online!

    1. We’re lucky, there are bath and body works stores at most of our malls. Is the shipping outrageous if you were to buy it somewhere like Amazon?

    1. Thank you! I may be a HUGE Halloween lover but here’s my confession – I’m not a pumpkin lover either. My husband is, but it’s not my taste. That being said, I ADORE apple and cinnamon and that’s why I gravitate towards hot apple cider this time of year.

    1. You can’t go wrong with horror movies! I watch them all year long but I love that everyone else is getting into them this time of year as well

  4. Pamper nights In are always my favourite way to fully relax! Autumnal candles are the best and having them on of an evening instantly relaxes me. I love the Skelton towel! X

    1. It’s amazing how much of an impact it can have on your mental well-being and happiness just to prioritize a day like this in your schedule from time to time

    1. I am in love with ALL things Halloween! That’s why I like to find a spooky twist for everything this time of year.

    1. Have you tried the shower bombs that seem to be all over these days? Not quite the same but still a great way to relax!

  5. I like the idea of a spooky spa day at home! Big plus that you can do some nice self-care while you’re at home. It is important that we take care of our mental health the best we can. I am SO into the seasonal candles right now. YESSS at the pumpkin spice mixes. Thanks for sharing some of these cool ideas!

    Nancy ?

    1. Too often we push our self-care aside to make time for things like work and responsibilities. By doing it at home like this, it’s a little easier to find time to slow down and enjoy ourselves for a bit.

  6. I love the idea of a spooky spa day at home! Bubble baths are one of my favourite ways to relax and I can just picture myself lighting some Autumnal scented candles, popping in a Lush Halloween bath bomb, and wrapping up in my Jack Skelleton towel after. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. nothing better like a spa day, and especially when it matches the season. This with a pumpkin spice drink, sounds so great!

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