hands holding a tablet, using social media in front of a computer with the title Social Media Marketing

From planning through to execution, your social media accounts are an important and successful part of your overall marketing efforts. Whether you are a small business owner working on improving your social media efforts, a non-profit interested in discovering how you can make social media work for you or a blogger eager to learn more about the world of social media marketing, I’ve got you covered! 

As an experienced Social Media Manager and Content Creator, I have been out in the trenches – building communities, creating quality content and engaging with people around the globe. After completing a number of industry-specific certifications in social media, content marketing and inbound marketing, I registered at Seneca College and completed my Business – Marketing Diploma with a focus on online and digital marketing.

Now, I would like to take this information and knowledge that I have acquired over the years both through study and hands-on practice and share it with you! Not only do I provide social media management services, but I am also available for coaching and education either in large groups or one-on-one Skype sessions. 

Available Social Media Services:

Management of social media platforms

Creation and management of social media ad campaigns 

Development of unique content for all social media platforms and blogs 

Comprehensive and easy to read reports on the status of all platforms

Group social media classes (local, in person, or via live-streaming)

One-on-one coaching sessions (in person or on Skype) 

For more information, or to discuss your specific social media needs, email: Britt@AlternativelySpeaking.ca