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Soak Up the Sun with These 30+ Summer-Themed Tattoos

Warm weather, beach days, and pool parties – it’s arguably one of the most loved times of the year, and it’s finally here. Whether you spend your summer basking in the sun, lounging in the pool, or camping in the great outdoors, let’s all celebrate! Check out these summer-themed tattoos. 

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I have been looking forward to this summer since the bleak cold of January when the Christmas high began to wear down. Why? Summer for me involves camping trips up in the Muskokas, hiking with the pups and many, many evenings relaxing in the pool. It’s a time to let go of stress and kick back, something that I will admit I rarely do as often as I should… Even my workouts are more fun in the summer months as I move to HITT themed workouts in the back-yard pool.

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Tattoo roundups are easily one of my favourite posts, so it only seemed right to celebrate the change in season with some colourful and fun-loving summer themed tattoos.

I have taken the time to browse Instagram in search of tattoos that scream summer. As is the situation in each of my tattoo roundup posts, these pictures have all been sourced with the information that is available. If, however, I am sharing a picture that fails to include the accurate artist information then it may be absent or mislabeled. If you see an image that you recognize first hand that has not been credited correctly, please swing over to the contact page and let me know! I believe 100% in crediting tattoo artists for their work and would be more than happy to look into this further!

Soak Up the Sun with These 30+ Summer-Themed Tattoos:

As I have discussed on my last couple tattoo roundups including the most recent post, ‘Celebrate Spring with These 25+ Floral Themed Tattoos,’ I am launching a new series of posts here on Alternatively Speaking called ‘Behind the Ink.’ Each post in this series will feature a different tattoo artist, sharing their answers to a series of interview-style questions as well as showcasing some of their incredible work. While I have had the opportunity to connect with some great local talent, I am still looking for artists from around the world interested in being featured. If you are an artist, or if you know a phenomenal artist that you feel deserves the recognition, please contact me for more information!

Are you feeling like ‘fun in the sun’ with these summer-themed tattoos? Which style of summer tattoo speaks most to you? Colourful mermaids? Beautiful beach scenes? Tropical palm trees?

**Feature Image Source: miykey | Instagram**

22 thoughts on “Soak Up the Sun with These 30+ Summer-Themed Tattoos”

  1. Ooooo I hope you enjoy your camping trips! I genuinely can’t decide my favourite. I’m not into tattoos on me but LOVE looking and seeing the amazing designs out there and the variety – all so unique and creative!

    Sophie x |

    1. I love my tattoos, don’t get me wrong, but I LOVE looking at the incredibly artistry in other people’s ink. I think that’s why I love doing this roundups so much lol

  2. Some great designs here to get us in the mood for long summer days. Never been brave enough to have a tattoo done but a dolphin leaping over the ankle bone appeals! Really enjoyed your post!


  3. I love how bright and colourful these are! A great selection Britt! I really love the mermaids, especially the mermaid unicorn. Also the ice cream is really cute. I don’t have any tattoos but I do love looking at all the art ?. Thank you for sharing xx

    Bexa |

  4. There are some genuinely beautiful pieces of art here. I love tattoos, they are such a wonderful expression of a personality. I wrote a post about why tattoos should be considered art last year, inspired by an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Cornwall. I have a small tattoo on my hip and I’d love to get another one done. I don’t think I have the courage (or pain threshold) to withstand a large scene but another small one somewhere discreet is very much on my wishlist! Lovely post and round up, thank you so much for sharing this! x

    Lisa |

    1. I always say that some people buy their art to hang on their walls, I like to wear mine on my body…

  5. I absolutely despise Summer so I definitely wouldn’t get a Summer themed tattoo (I’d love to get a cold-themed tattoo though!) but some of these are utterly stunning. Perfect for someone who’s been / currently travelling too! I love little palm tree tattoos, they look super cute!

    1. I love that you can tell stories with the tattoos that you choose, it’s such a truly personal thing!

  6. Those tiny little wave ones and the tent one near the end are so dainty and cute! I can’t IMAGINE how much the palm tattoo must have hurt though!

    1. That’s one area that I don’t see myself getting tattooed any time soon – too much pain and likely just going to fade fast anyway

  7. i’m loving the palm tree designs! I’ve got my next tattoo booked in for less than 2 weeks time and I’ve gone for a beauty and the beast inspired piece.

    Faye Jessica |

    1. Aren’t they adorable? I can’t wait to see yours when it’s done! Maybe I’ll have to do a Disney themed roundup and include it…

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