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With a rare Saturday off, my husband and I decided to head out and check some new local businesses. We are lucky here in Windsor/Essex – there are so many great breweries, distilleries, wineries, and restaurants to enjoy. After debating all of our amazing options, we decided to head out to the beautiful town of Kingsville to check out The Grove Brew House.

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For those that are unfamiliar with the location, The Grove Brew House and The Grove Hotel are located right in the heart of Kingsville. This makes them incredibly convenient to get to and makes the hotel an ideal location for those visiting. Standing outside and looking at the two locations it’s a beautiful meeting of two different worlds – the vintage feeling given off by the hotel, while the brewhouse has such a nice modern aesthetic. The way that they work together instantly catches your attention, drawing you in.

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I am going to be specifically focusing on The Grove Brew House as that’s the location that we visited. We didn’t step into the hotel, or get a room there to check it out, although that may have to make the list to share with all of you someday!

Inside the brewhouse, the first thing that catches your attention is the amazing artwork that graces the exterior. From the artistic depiction of hops and other beer-related imagery to the reference to the location that surrounds this hot spot, the mural says it all beautiful. This is coupled with an industrial vibe, with more modern light fixtures, the combination of concrete and metal throughout the location and the beautiful wood tables. All in all, I would say that those responsible for the design element should be incredibly proud of themselves for what they accomplished!

From the moment we walked through the door we were greeted enthusiastically by their super friendly staff. They were in the midst of preparing for live music to come in that night, and also had what appeared to be a significantly large group coming in from a wedding, but we were still seated promptly and attended to with great service throughout the time that we were there.

The table we were seated at was on the bar side, right by the stairs. It was a relatively small table which normally wouldn’t bother me, however, I will say due to the location it felt like this table was put there as an afterthought. Due to this fact, we felt like we were in the way of other visitors and waitstaff the entire time. In looking around the area it did appear that this was the only table that had that problem, so that’s all that I will say about that. The next time we go we will be sure to ask to sit anywhere but that spot.

the front of The Grove Brew House in Kingsville, Ontario

For those that are unaware, my husband John runs a craft beer blog with his friend Jack – The Intoxicated Review. This was definitely taken into consideration when we decided where we were going to visit, and so we quickly began to peruse their craft beer options. While I may not be a complete craft beer aficionado like him, I definitely do appreciate a good beer! With a list of options in front of us, I decided to try a flight of 3 beers: Division India Pale Ale (IPA), Lupuline Express American Pale Ale (APA) and George the Ghost Blood Orange Hefeweizen.

For those that read my previous review of Sandwich Brewing Co., I have a love for blood orange beers. For this reason, it’s no surprise to anyone that my favourite was the George the Ghost Blood Orange Hefeweizen! That being said, all 3 beers were good.

My husband also tried the Division India Pale Ale (IPA), along with the Westcott Cream Ale and the Clubhouse Stout. He hasn’t released his reviews yet (although they are to come in the future, so stay tuned), but here’s a sneak peek for everyone – his favourite was the Clubhouse Stout! Overall, we were impressed and would definitely return for a beer again in the future.

Based on the time that we were there, we also decided to give their food a try. My husband ordered the pulled pork tacos which he said were amazing. I know that he would readily go there to grab a bite to eat over a beer with the guys again without hesitation.

This is the one area, however, where I was a little disappointed. I was excited to see a veggie burger on the menu, however, when it was delivered it was far from what I had been expecting. As soon as the burger was placed on the table in front of me pieces could be seen crumbling off the side of the burger. When I bit into it, it was so incredibly dry. While the fries were delicious, the meal as a whole isn’t one that I would be returning for anytime soon.

decorative walls at The Grove Brewhouse
decorative walls at The Grove Brewhouse
Flights of different beers on a wooden table
burgers, fries and beer all on a wooden table

Despite the disappointment in the burger, I will still be returning for drinks again in the future. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a place to grab food and there are no veggies in your mix, my husband had nothing but good things to say about his meal. So, while I will warn the vegetarians among my readers, overall, I highly recommend giving The Grove Brew House a try!

Are you a beer drinker? If so, what are your favourite types of craft beer?


36 thoughts on “The Grove Brew House And Hotel”

  1. Hannah Asha’s

    Looking at the burger in the photo I can see exactly what you mean about it looking dry and crumbly! It looks like the patty is about to fall apart ?
    Glad you enjoyed the beer though ? I would have loved to see a photo of the hotel ? I love old classic looking buildings!!

    1. The big blue building in the feature image, the one that looks like an old school plantation type home, that’s the hotel! Its so pretty!

  2. To Gary:This post covers two issues concerning craft beer: the competition between hop aroma/flavor and bitterness and the advent of black IPA. In earlier times, “balance usually referred roughly to the malt / hop formula. Now I see balance as a competition among three competing flavors, malt body, hop bitterness and hop aromatics. Your post suggests that you prefer more bitterness than is typical in American-style IPAs, and this is my preference too. Black IPAs are similar in style to home brew I made using a base of malt extracts in the 70s and 80s. The roasted malt and extra hops “covered some of the off-flavors that would have been prominent in pale ales or lagers. (By the late 80s, some of my acquaintances were brewing fine all-malt home-brewed beers.) By the way, on my infrequent visits to Toronto, I try to visit “C”est What. They currently list 8 cask beers, with traditional styles well represented, and many more draft brews.

  3. This place looks like the perfect spot to hang out with some friends and enjoy great beer! You’re totally right. The artwork is incredible and definitely a conversation piece. XOXO.

  4. I love the decor of the place, it’s a shame about the burger I had high hopes for this place until I got to that bit, no one wants to pay for a meal and only really enjoy the side of chips. Never the less, the building is a lovely and quirky!.

    1. I was definitely disappointed when that came, but I do plan on returning there as a great place to grab a good craft beer in the future.

  5. I love that industrial style which is fashionable at the moment. I’m sorry about the burger, I used to be vegetarian and found the same care and standards didn’t seem to be applied to veggie food

    1. There are some places that do veggie burgers REALLY well, and I think they set the bar pretty high as far as my standards are concerned. I do LOVE the decor here though – I plan on returning to grab a beer in the future.

  6. wow I love the artwork on the walls! those chips look so yummy!! shame about the burger, we went to a mexican place for my sons birthday and the burger i had was dreadful!

    1. They were super yummy! I am pretty sure I’d go back and have them with a beer without hesitation 🙂 Too bad about your burger – I hate when that happens. You get so excited and it’s such a let down!

  7. With my recent dietary restrictions, beer is out of the question right now, but I do love it when I can! My most recent love affair was with sour beers. I am not into the super hoppy ones, but anything else is fair game. If you can get away to Niagara-on-the-Lake, try Exchange Brewing. Great beer. Also, do a tour of Waterloo region and Wellington county. We have at least a dozen breweries in our backyard.

  8. I’m not a beer drinker but I have to say that George the Ghost Blood Orange Hefeweizen (I had to copy and paste that name because I had no hope in remembering it!) sounds lovely! Very jealous that I don’t live around by you, seems like a great place to eat and drink! XO

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