Everbeam H6 Headlamp sitting in the grass at the base of a tree next to it's box

Review: Everbeam H6 Headlamp

Whether you’re an avid camper, a hiking addict or someone new to the world of outdoor travel, a headlamp is a versatile piece of gear that you’ll quickly learn to love. In fact, once you’ve tried it, you’ll never turn back! Today I’d like to share my thoughts on the Everbeam H6 Headlamp.

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We’ve all been there at one time or another – You may be trying to put away your gear at the end of the night or taking your dog for a late-night bathroom break. Your hands are full, and you find yourself juggling your lantern, flashlight or even your cellphone, using a flashlight app in an attempt to light your way.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

With so many different headlight options available, there’s no reason for you not to go hands-free! Not to mention the fact that their small, compact size means that they take up next to no room when you’re packing your gear. What’s stopping you?

The key to purchasing the ‘right’ headlamp for you is to first consider which features are most important. Take a look at your outdoor activities – Some more advanced hikers, for example, will require a brighter beam than those using their headlight on car camping trips. In fact, those camping in a more public park as car campers are likely looking for something with a lower light option to avoid disturbing those in neighbouring sites.

Other considerations include the shape and feel of the headlamp (you want it to be comfortable if you’re going to be wearing it for any length of time) as well as the durability. For example, is your headlamp waterproof? Will it withstand a rainstorm?

With all these factors in mind, I took to the internet to do some research, determined to find the ‘right’ headlamp for my own use. I wanted something small and lightweight, so I wouldn’t necessarily even notice that I was wearing it. It needed to have a bright enough beam and large enough beam distance that I could use it while hiking, but also a lower setting that would be ideal for our car camping getaways when the dogs needed to go to the bathroom. In addition, I wanted on that could be adjusted/tilted so that I could use it to illuminate my hands for crafting while at the campsite.

Another factor that was important to me was to find a rechargeable option. While there are merits to having a battery-operated device, we carry a portable power bank with us on every trip, so I know that we are capable of charging it when necessary. By eliminating the need for batteries, I’m cutting back on our waste.

All of this and, of course, I was looking for a good deal! No one wants to pay more than necessary, right?

That’s when I discovered the Everbeam line of headlamps, and in particular – the Everbeam H6 Headlamp.

The Everbeam H6 Headlight Specs:

Light Output: 350 lumens

Maximum Distance: 120 m/394 ft

Weight: 66g (including headlamp and strap)

Waterproof: IPX4

What does all this mean? Let’s go through each category in a little more detail along with some additional features to consider.

Light Output/Maximum Distance

At 350 lumens, the H6 Headlamp may not be the brightest option on the market (although you can upgrade to the Everbeam H6 Pro Headlamp for 650 lumens if that’s important to you), but it was more than bright enough for my needs. It can easily light up a hiking trail or a campsite, without question.

The beam distance is quite impressive. To put it into perspective, the length of a football field (including end zones) is 120 yards or 360 ft. So, this specific headlamp is able to shine a beam longer than a football field.

The light offers not only white light options in both high and low, but it also has red light capabilities. Red light is great for a number of different scenarios as it allows you to preserve your night vision. This makes it ideal for stargazing. It also avoids spooking the animals around you, if you are hoping to see some wildlife at night. It’s also easier on the battery, offering an even longer runtime on a single charge.

view of the front of an Everbeam headlight with the red light option on
view of the side and top of an Everbeam headlight


Speaking of the battery, the H6 uses an 850mAh rechargeable battery and comes with a USB cord for charging. If you’re using the white light options, the anticipated runtime for the high beam is 2.5 hours while changing it to low beam extends that runtime to 10 hours. As we discussed, red light is even easier on the battery, with an estimated 30 hours of runtime.

This is great for those of us who are car camping and can recharge our headlamps regularly. However, if you are planning a more intense overnight hike, you will need to look for something with a much longer runtime. Those who are heading out into the backcountry need to consider whether their headlamp will provide the night necessary for an overnight trek in the event of an emergency in which you have to extract.

close up of the bottom of a headlamp showing the charger port

Waterproof Rating

The Everbeam H6 Headlamp carries an IPX 4 rating. This means that it is “protected against splashing water from any angle”. In the event of a rainstorm, you don’t have to worry about your headlamp getting wet. After all, you have enough to worry about when camping in the rain, right?

However, if you need something more durable for whatever reason, such as something that could handle immersion, you will need to look for a higher IP Code. To better understand IP Codes and what they mean, check out THIS breakdown from Hyper Gear.


Finally, the point that you’re all waiting for – Price! Great news, the Everbeam line of headlamps are more than affordable. In fact, at the time of writing this article, the Everbeam H6 Headlamp can be purchased on Amazon for $15.99 USD while the Everbeam H6 Pro Headlamp will cost you $16.99, both being sold directly by Everbeam.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the Everbeam H6 Headlamp and Everbeam H6 Pro Headlamp. They offer all the features the average camper/hiker would require at a great price. I would highly recommend both options!

However, if you are looking for something that will support a more intense backcountry experience, you will need to look at something with better battery life and, potentially, a higher IP Code rating. Do your research and keep your needs in mind!

Everbeam H6 Headlamp sitting in the grass at the base of a tree next to it's box with the title looking for the perfect headlamp for your next trip?

Do you use a headlamp? If so, what brand/model is your go-to choice?

40 thoughts on “Review: Everbeam H6 Headlamp”

  1. I normally don’t need stuff like this, but the Everbeam H6 Headlamp sounds good! I’m glad you found something to take hiking

    1. I think at that price point, it would be great for anyone wanting the hands-free ability from campers and hikers to just those who would like to have something around the house during a power outage!

  2. I love headlamps! I purchased my dad one a couple of years ago for his birthday and he uses it when he’s working on cars or when he’s just looking for stuff in his storage shed and also when he goes camping. I totally thought the price was gonna be higher but that’s definitely a steal. I’ll have to add it to the wish list and maybe I can upgrade my dad’s light he has since its pretty old now.

    1. I was SO impressed with the price! I think we may be getting one for my husband now as well. He’s had the chance to see mine and how handy it is now lol

  3. This looks like a really good lightweight headlamp. My friends bought me one for Christmas that has a huge rechargeable battery but is about as bright as any light I’ve ever seen. It’s really amazing if you want to light up the sky.

    1. I like that this one isn’t overly bright for car camping situations – we do a lot of that right now because that’s what’s comfortable for my husband, and I don’t want to be that person who disturbs the neighbours lol

    1. One of the main reasons I wanted it was so that I could have it for stitching in low light conditions – I love stitching at camp in my hammock lol but there’s not always enough light to make it easy

  4. I definitely thought this would be more expensive than it is and so useful. I see so many people in my neighborhood walking their dogs at night and either using a flashlight or their cell phone to light the way. Why not have something hands free like the Everbeam H6 Headlamp to light the way?

    1. Exactly! When I started researching to find one that would work for my camping needs, I had budgeted about twice as much as I found I needed! At this price, you honestly can’t go wrong!

  5. As someone who spends a fair amount of time outdoors, this headlamp really interests me. Being able to be hands-free, lightweight, rechargeable and providing good light for camping and hiking activities – this fits all I need. Good value as well for the cost. Thanks for sharing this, I will look into it further as I also know other lovers of the great outdoors that could use something like this.

    1. It really does hit all the needs for the average camper and/or hiker! I was SO impressed by the quality of the product at that price point.

  6. This sounds like a great headlamp. My husband has a small headlamp that he uses for when he goes running. This one looks great! My husband actually needs a new one. I’ll show him this one and see what he thinks. The one he has is much smaller, but I think he might like this as well. Thanks so much for sharing.

  7. What a great reminder about headlamps. I have found headlamps to be better than flashlights, because it frees up one hand. We have used them during evening running. I was pleasantly surprised on how far the distance they can light up.

    1. Having the functionality of being hands-free is SO valuable! Especially, I find, when taking the dogs out at night – try scooping poop while juggling a flashlight hahaha

  8. I was hoping to see how it looked on you, lol. When I was able to run long distances I used to look for good lights but really didn’t like the feel of the band on my head. After about four hours of running, for some reason, it felt like it was squeezing my brain. But usually, when we start long runs, they are in the dark, and if they are going to be super long then they are usually trail runs and you definitely need light then. Thanks for the review!

    1. The feel of wearing one is definitely a very individual choice but there are SO many options available! For example, some people LOVE the lights that have the band that stretches over the top of their head as well, but I don’t find those to be comfortable at all lol It’s one of those things that you will learn in time by trying it firsthand 🙂 For what it’s worth, I find that this particular light wears nicely without having to be too tight to hold it up, avoiding that squeezing feeling that I’ve had with other options.

  9. Hi Britt,

    I absolutely agree with you, the headlight is absolutely a must if you are a camper, but it’s also very useful in the household. We used to camping and kayaking pretty often with my family and friends and realized how useful headlamps were back then. We haven’t done so for several years but still, use our old headlight around the house monthly.

    Everbeam H6 seems to have very good specifications at a very affordable price! I like the beam distance and the red light feature. You also got me interested in the portable power bank. Could you please provide more info about it? If we had such a power bank, I’d say that rechargeable battery could work pretty well for us too. I appreciate the fact that there will be less waste.

    Thank you for the useful advice and detailed information.

    All the best,

    ~ Julia

    1. Certainly! Our power bank is an Anker brand – when doing my research I found that it was the company that I saw recommended most. They can be purchased online, but are also available at many local stores. We picked ours up at Best Buy last summer. There is a wide variety of different sizes depending on how many things you plan on using your power bank for. For example, a family trying to charge 5 headlamps and 5 cell phones would need a bigger power bank than my husband and I do. My best advice is to identify the one that you think will meet your needs and buy one size larger.

    1. Yes! My first headlamp wasn’t and I would have to go running to grab it if it started raining while camping hahaha (this was a while back lol)

  10. I was just thinking about the need for something like this! A friend of mine picked up a baseball hat with a lamp basically embedded in the bill of the hat, which I thought was genius. He uses it for work quite a bit. With the headlamp you’ve recommended, I can easily see it being useful in the evenings or late at night. My husband works late at night, and this would be perfect for him, because his hands are already full. I tend to use the flashlight on my phone simply because it is right there. But prolonged use sucks the battery dead fairly quickly. The price is somewhat shocking too. I’d expect something like this to be much more expensive. I’m going to pick this up for my husband because I agree with you, at that price, you just can’t go wrong!

    1. That’s just it – even if you only use it every now and then, it wouldn’t take much to make it worth the investment, would it?

  11. Never thought of buying a head lamp before because did not have much exposure to it. But now I think it is a great idea.Probably I will buy one as it could be handy during future travel.

  12. This is really interesting, I never thought there would be a headlamp that would be usb chargeable. I use to have one I used for riding my bike to work at middle night, when I gave it to someone else who rode their bike at middle night as I no longer did that.

    Tiffany | loveiszero.net

    1. I love that it charges that easily. We keep a powerbank with us for the cellphones already, so I can charge it using that.

    1. The headlamp doesn’t have any removable form of batteries like AAA batteries – it is a built-in rechargeable battery cell that is charged using the micro USB port.

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