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Review: Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection

Most of the products that I share or review on here are triggered by some sort of interaction with the brand, however, every now and then I have a strong enough opinion or experience product and feel as though I need to share this with all of you. This is the case with today’s post about Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection hair colour.

Discussion about hair colour is anything but new on here, and I have shared my favourite products with you before, even writing a post comparing the two brands I use most often. In fact, my post ‘Battle of the Dyes: Manic Panic Vs. Arctic Fox’ is one of my best performing posts as far as how many people have read it and continue to read it on an ongoing basis! What does this tell me? That you guys are interested in honest reviews and feedback regarding the options of hair colour and hair dyes that are out there for you to use.

Recently I had decided I wanted to change up my hair colour again (surprise, surprise) and this time I was totally captivated by the pictures I had seen on Pinterest of black and silver or black and grey hair. As I hadn’t done either of these colours before, I didn’t have any dye on hand for them. I also didn’t have the patience to wait to order them in (which is what I usually do to get my Arctic Fox dyes). So, I set out to Sally’s to pick something up.

I grabbed Manic Panic Blue Steel for the silver, but they didn’t have any black dyes from brands that I knew in black, so I asked the woman working for a recommendation. She suggested that I try Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection, a semi-permanent colour in ‘B20D Black.’

The dye itself was a beautiful dark brownish black colour, but definitely a waterier consistency than I am used to working with. It went on fairly easily, although you have to be a little more diligent that you don’t get it everywhere as it drips easier off your gloves, the dye brush, etc. It had a different odor to it than the other dyes, although I wouldn’t say it was an overly unpleasant one – especially if you have ever used a permanent dye before!

I did everything the way I always do, following my usual routine as I have previously laid out on here in my ‘Hair Colour at Home: Step by Step’ post last year, although I didn’t leave it on overnight. Instead, I opted for a few hours (still longer than necessary according to the dye manufacturers) and then went ahead to rinse it out in cold water. Here’s where my disappointment started – when I rinsed the dye out it took a good majority of the colour with it. Rather than winding up with black hair in the areas I had dyed, it was a medium to dark brown… not even a true dark brown! This was only made worse when, after the first wash (cold water, sulfate-free shampoo) my intended black hair was reduced to a gross greenish-brown.

Now, it’s important to note that everyone’s hair reacts differently to some dyes. For example, I have seen a lot of people who see no staying power from Manic Panic, whereas I can get a few weeks out of it so long as I care for it properly. However, I have never had a dye work with my hair before this one – it takes everything really well with great staying power… So, I wanted to share my experience with my fellow hair dye addicts.

Needless to say, I’ve already put in my next Arctic Fox order…

Have you ever had a bad experience with a specific hair dye or hair colour? If so, please share your experiences in the comments below!

28 thoughts on “Review: Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection”

    1. I absolutely LOVE my Arctic Fox dyes and keep coming back to them – they’ve never let me down lol

  1. Sarah Campbell

    Ah that’s such a shame. Sometimes they don’t work out how you wanted them too. I recently used a semi permanent dye on the ends of my hair, it literally did nothing, I was so disappointed.

  2. Sarah Sullivan

    sorry it didn’t take to your hair, i thankfully haven’t had any issues with dye in the past! they often say stick to stuff you are used to x

  3. I’ve never dyed my hair and I wouldn’t know where to start with which dyes to use. It’s always great to gain more information from your blog though.

    Faye Jessica |

    1. A lot of it is trial and error, everyone has their own preferences – but if you ever do decide to try something and are looking for a semi-permanent, I highly recommend Arctic Fox!

  4. It’s such a shame when things don’t work the way they are supposed to! At least as a lesson from this you know which brands to use and which to steer clear of!

  5. Caitlin Houston

    it’s so disappointing when things like this happen, I haven’t actually heard of this brand before so i’m glad I came across the review xx

  6. It’s a shame this didn’t work for you as it sounded promising! I’ve actually never died my hair before so it’s just a pretty plain brown colour! Xx

    1. It sounded so promising, which made it even more disappointing lol But my Arctic Fox order came in and I have my black now lol

  7. I only seem to have problems with certain colors, like red. Red tends to turn my hair fire engine red no matter what shade I use, even super pale red turn it crazy deep lol hair dye can be really hit or miss loo

    1. It’s so true – that’s why it’s super important to figure out what works for you individually. Lesson learned, I’m gonna stick to the brands I know and trust lol

  8. Oh no, how awful. It’s gutting when you buy something that doesn’t work, especially after it’s been recommended by someone! My hair is its natural colour so other than a few highlights in the past I’ve never had dye on it so thankfully have never had any colour issues. At least I know what to avoid if I ever change my mind! Thanks for the honest review x


    1. Isn’t it? It’s not like I just randomly grabbed it off the shelf, I actually asked for an opinion lol that somehow makes it so much more disappointing

  9. I’m avoiding dying my hair from now on, after the disaster in my previous comment on your blog… But I love hearing your experience with different products, I will live vicariously through you from now on!!

    1. Haha live away! Maybe some day you’ll get adventurous and want to try something out – the perk of most products I share is that they are temporary 😉

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