a view of the front of Brenko's House of Pizza in Essex, Ontario, Canada

Brenko’s House of Pizza

When I heard that a new pizza place had opened up in the area I was a little skeptical, to say the least. One thing that there is no shortage of in the Windsor/Essex, Ontario area is pizza places. However there was no denying the buzz that surrounded it, with rave reviews all over social media. With Brenko’s House of Pizza located just down the road from our house, we decided it was time to check it out!

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There is no denying that a restaurant within walking distance is a huge convenience. With our 5-year anniversary coming up my husband decided it was time to pull the trigger and check out the newest pizzeria here in town, making a reservation for last Friday. It was time to find out what all the buzz was about!

When we got there the staff were SUPER friendly. It took no time for us to be seated and introduced to our waiter for the evening. Perusing the menu, I quickly noticed one thing that set them apart from the other pizza places close by, and that was the amazing menu options. There were so many interesting and unique items.

We started by ordering drinks (wine and beer) along with an appetizer – cheesy garlic fingers. The daily special was a pulled pork pizza complete with pulled pork and BBQ sauce which quickly caught my husband’s attention while I ordered The Popeye, a pizza with spinach, garlic, tomato, onion and a ricotta/mozzarella blend.

people sitting inside a pizzeria enjoying their meals
two small pizzas on a table with a glasss of wine and a couple glasses of water
people sitting inside a pizzeria enjoying their meals
two small pizzas on a table with a glasss of wine and a couple glasses of water

While we were waiting I had the opportunity to check out the interior. I loved the casual yet classy atmosphere. It had the old school pizzeria vibes with the chalkboard specials and wood décor. On the walls, there was an eclectic collection of artwork that caught my attention.

Intrigued, I looked closer to find that each of the pieces was work by a local artist, complete with information about the artist and the price of the piece. What an amazing way to bring attention to local artists and tie their business into the community! I was super impressed by all the different artists, subjects, and mediums that they had collected.

It took a little bit for the food to come, but only because they were super busy (which was great to see in a local business)! While we were waiting for our food we enjoyed our drinks, and our waiter made a point of checking in with us regularly to apologize for the wait (it really wasn’t a big deal) and ensure that we were topped up.

a view of the front of Brenko's House of Pizza in Essex, Ontario, Canada with the title Brenko's House of Pizza

They ran out of one of the beers on tap just as my husband ordered it, which our waiter was also incredibly apologetic for as he had been recommending it. I assured him that we would be back to try it another day. I was super impressed by just how genuine he was in everything that he said – congratulating us on our anniversary and ensuring that we were happy with every aspect of our experience.

When the food came it was beyond delicious! The cheesy garlic fingers, which I didn’t get a picture of, had to be my favourite part. I have a HUGE weakness for good garlic bread, and I couldn’t even wait long enough to take a picture before we devoured our appetizer. We both ordered ‘baby’ size pizzas, which meant they came with 6 pieces. With all the toppings on each pizza, neither of us were able to finish, taking the remainder home for another meal the next day. Which, by the way, the leftovers also heat up great!

As we were reaching the end of our time there the owner himself came over to ask how everything was going and wish us a happy anniversary. What a nice touch to round off the experience!

Overall, I will say we are both incredibly impressed with everything about Brenko’s House of Pizza. The décor is welcoming, the staff are amazing and the food is top notch. We will definitely be returning again in the future!

5 Stars!

Thank you to the staff of Brenko’s for making our anniversary dinner such a great evening!

Interested in checking them out? Visit the Brenko’s House of Pizza on Facebook, and Instagram!

Are you a pizza lover? What are your favourite pizza toppings? 

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  1. You can’t beat good pizza and they look amazing! It’s so good that they have art from local artists, I love that.

    Vikki | planetvikkiblog.wordpress.com

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