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Have You Tried Holistic Breathing Yet?

Finding alternative routes to solve your health troubles is not silly at all. In fact, it is very smart. There are many conditions that we live with and ones that we can greatly assist. There are many things on the market today for chronic pain now, such as CBD oil, a miracle oil that works to help your body in many ways. There are plenty of companies that offer this and many that grow their own. Of course, you would need to look at an ACMPR license in this case. There are also many herbal treatments that can assist your mind and body. But have you heard about holistic breathing?

Some of us adopt vegan lifestyles, look into alternative forms of prayer and belief and maybe meditate. But breathing is so vital to our body but we often overlook it. 

A resting adult breathes an average of 18 times per minute, which is around 26,000 times a day. Most people breathe too shallowly and often too quickly. It can be perfectly natural for your body, but some of us do this as a stress response. As a result, they lack oxygen and the metabolism and cell functions cannot work optimally. Most breaths are involuntary. From time to time it makes sense to breathe consciously though because it can affect how you feel, including managing pain and stress. 

Change in breathing pattern

Even the finest emotions can result in a change in the rhythm of breathing. In the case of time pressure, psychological stress, anger, joy and positive excitement, an invigorating acceleration of the breath occurs, in suffering and worry an inhibition. Sad people breathe slowly and heavily and sigh in between. Merry and happy natures breathe quickly and easily, thoughtful people often forget to breathe for a while. 

Consequences of incorrect breathing

If stress takes place over a longer period of time and is not adequately balanced with sport and relaxation, the oxygen supply to the body can be disrupted by incorrect breathing. You get “out of breath”. Anyone who takes too shallow a breath and then expels it is breathing incorrectly. Your breathing does not then “do its job”. Instead of supplying the lungs and bloodstream with oxygen, only stale air is pushed back and forth in the airways. This has consequences for physical and mental well-being. If, on the other hand, the breath flows freely, 70 percent of all toxins can be eliminated from the body, which noticeably relieves other detoxification organs such as the skin, urinary tract and colon. Incorrect breathing also puts more strain on the heart, because it has to pump harder so that enough oxygen reaches all parts of the body. The consequences can be tiredness, tension and poor concentration. 

Experience the breath

Breath can be experienced as a movement process through the breathing movement. The respiratory center registers the level of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood and reacts accordingly. It transmits impulses via specific nerves to the diaphragm as the main breathing muscle and to the auxiliary breathing muscles. So from now on, try slower, deeper breathing from time to time, to really try and reset the body and mind.

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Have you tried holistic breathing? If so, I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!

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