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Hocus Pocus – The Workout

The month of October has been an absolutely crazy one. Constantly on the go with work, finishing up school, getting the business running, band events, Thanksgiving, Halloween and so much more… it’s no surprise that most of us find it difficult during these busier times to motivate ourselves to keep up with our workout routines.

One thing I have learned through my physical fitness journey is to embrace the new, different and unique ways to fit fitness into my daily life. One great way is to use my ‘downtime,’ when I am watching my latest favourite Netflix show or movie, as ‘me time’ in a different way – time to work on my health by incorporating some sort of workout.

This may be something as simple as setting up the treadmill so that it is facing the television, staying on the move throughout the duration of an episode. Or, if I am looking for something a little more creative, I have discovered that there are a TON of fun, television show or movie based workouts available online to get you up and moving. One Tumblr account in particular, accurately named ‘TV Show & Movie Workouts,’ has a great collection of these workouts.

Of these, there is one that stood out as the PERFECT option for this time of year. I haven’t shared anything in a while in relation to what I’m at fitness-wise, in fact, I think the last update was my list of fun pool workouts from the summer. So, let’s shift the focus to fall with one of the great traditional Halloween movies: Hocus Pocus!

Try this great Hocus Pocus themed workout to get you up and moving this Halloween season!

Hocus Pocus, Hocus Pocus movie, Hocus Pocus workout, Halloween, Halloween workout, workout ideas

Have you ever tried a television show or movie-themed workout? If so, which one and what did you think? Did it help to motivate you?

31 thoughts on “Hocus Pocus – The Workout”

  1. I would enjoy doing this but I’m way too scared of hocus posuc?? I love horror films but I’ve never been able to watch this thanks to my cousin when I was little scaring the hell out of me!!

    1. There are some great ones on the site for tv shows so you can literally binge watch a season and work out the whole time!

    1. There are some great ones – I think I will share a few more on here as I work through them… or maybe create one myself down the road???

  2. Haha, this is a great idea. I’ve heard of these before and saw one for the tv show Pretty Little Liars while browsing Pinterest, but I’ve never tried one.

    1. I’ll be going back to this one – I see it as an excuse to watch Hocus Pocus more often hahaha (like I need an excuse)

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