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Halloween-Themed Date Night Ideas

If your house is anything like mine when October rolls around, we embrace all things Halloween. The decorations go up, our discussions revolve around which candies to buy, or what Halloween parties/events we plan on attending. We’re all in! One way we can embrace the holidays together as a couple is to take part in a Halloween-themed date night!

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The great thing about this holiday is that it can be nearly anything that you want it to be. From high-energy parties at your favourite bar to quiet nights in with Halloween candy and scary movies, there really is something for every mood and personality type. You just need to think from the spookier side of your mind…

Date nights are incredibly important to keep the love alive in your relationship. When you first began dating, everything that you did was the purpose of showing your partner just how much you cared. Don’t allow this to fade away, replaced by complacency after you’ve ‘found the one’. We’ve been married now for 6 years and date night is still an exciting time, a chance to focus on one another and put all the stress and responsibility of the world aside.

Now, I’m not just going to say this and then send you on your creepy little way. What fun would that be?

Check Out These Fun (and Spooky) Halloween-Themed Date Night Ideas:

#1 – Stay In Movie Night

Curl up together with your favourite Halloween movies. This could be cutesy movies that make you smile, like Nightmare Before Christmas or Hocus Pocus. Or, if you prefer a good horror movie, snuggled up with that someone special, Psycho and The Omen may just fit the bill. If you really want to go all out Halloween, snack on some of your favourite Halloween goodies.

#2 – Hometown Ghost Tours

Is there a ghost tour in your local town, or a nearby location? Many areas have something similar and they are often only available during the Halloween season. Why not learn a little something about the history of your hometown while spending some spooky time together?

#3 – Decorating Together

Do some Halloween decorating together. Whether you’re adding a little Halloween spirit indoors or decorating the outside of the house for all to see, decorating together makes the process more entertaining. Especially when things don’t quite go according to plan lol!

#4 – Check Out Local Events

Check out the events planned in your area. There is something about the Halloween season that brings out events like zombie walks. In many cases, these events are even held for charity, so you can have fun, spend time together and help out a worthwhile cause.

#5 – Halloween-Themed Baking

If you’re one of those couples that enjoys a little cooking or baking together, try adding a ‘Halloween’ twist. Opt for some pumpkin-themed goodies, Halloween cookies or any other spooky creations you come up with.

#6 – Costume Shopping Antics

Are you planning on hitting a fun Halloween party this year? Head out costume shopping together. Hell, head out costume shopping even if you have no intention of actually buying a costume or going anywhere. Put on the silliest and funniest costumes, and you’re sure to have a great time.

#7 – Spooky Movie Night In The Theatre

Check out the listings at your local theatre. Many will hold midnight screenings of some of your Halloween favourites. This is just SCREAMING to be a date night, is it not? Enjoy some traditional theatre popcorn or substitute your favourite Halloween sweets.

#8 – Visit An Amusement Park

Do you live near an amusement park? Or at least within a reasonable driving distance? Most amusement parks will decorate for the holidays, or even host some holiday-themed activities for you to join in on.

#9 – Pumpkin Carving

You’re never too old to carve pumpkins! This can be a really fun way to spend an evening together. Grab a couple pumpkins and a couple glasses of apple cider and get down to business. Add ‘a little something’ to the cider to add to the fun.

#10 – Take A Nighttime Walk Together

Head out for a nighttime walk somewhere spooky, within reason. For example, you could walk through a local park or even hit a local cemetery. There is nothing that screams Halloween more than walking through a cemetery after dark…

#11 – Plan A ‘Spooky’ Picnic

Is a walk through a cemetery not enough for you to get your Halloween fix? If you’re a hardcore Halloween addict, why not pack up a picnic basket and head out to the cemetery for a romantic dinner together in one of the most traditional ‘Halloween’ areas available? Just be cautious – some cemeteries are considered to be public property and don’t allow people to visit after certain hours. 

#12 – Visit A Local Haunted House

Visit a local corn maze or haunted house. This time of year, nearly every town or city has something that would fit this description. It doesn’t matter if it’s actually geared towards children, all the more fun! Looking to some of the current trends, why not search out a spooky escape room?

#13 – Tell Ghost Stories

Go back to your grade school days for a little spooky fun. Gather together a few couples and sit down with cold drinks and a flashlight, sharing your favourite scary stories. Spoiler alert: The more that you drink, the most entertaining the stories generally become. Ghost stories aren’t just for kids regardless of what others may tell you. 

#14 – Hand Out Candy Together

Spend Halloween night together handing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. It’s the ultimate Halloween date night, reveling in all things Halloween. This is one that my husband and I enjoy together every year, watching Halloween specials on TV in between answering the door. We often dress up a little too just to add to the fun. Why not?

Halloween, Blogoween, date night ideas, Halloween-themed date night ideas

What are your favourite Halloween-themed date night ideas? Do you still ‘date’ your partner regularly?

16 thoughts on “Halloween-Themed Date Night Ideas”

  1. I really love these ideas. I’m nuts about Halloween but my partner not so much but he is willing to get involved. ? I’ve convinced him to go to our local pumpkin patch and pick up a pumpkin to carve and see the new Halloween sequel. I wonder if I can get him to go along to a theme park or watch Halloween movies at home too? ?

    1. The fun part about theme parks is that if he likes them anyway, he still gets something he totally enjoys, even if he isn’t all into the decorations and stuff they have going on

  2. It’s such a shame my partner and I don’t live together yet as we would have a house full of halloween decor if we could! I actually already have a collection of over 100 skulls in my bedroom so it’s kind of like halloween in there all year round, haha! Love the idea of halloween themed food and the night curled up watching spooky films!
    Alice Xx

    1. Your bedroom sounds like my office – I had purchased a new shelving unit to go in my office this summer and as soon as the Halloween decor came out I was excited to buy stuff to decorate it lol

  3. These are such fun ideas! My boyfriend and I always go for a walk on Halloween evening and enjoy checking out everyone decorations. Pumpkin carving together would be really enjoyable, although I am not sure how good they will turn out ha ha. It sounds like it would be a laugh though. I love the sound of making Halloween cookies too! Yum! Great post Britt, thanks for the suggestions! <3 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. I think the fact they may not turn out amazing just adds to the fun of pumpkin carving lol You can enjoy laughing about it together.

    1. We’re going to be doing at least some if not all of the things on the list, the Halloween movie marathons have already kicked off

  4. I love Halloween, and your list of Halloween date night ideas is great! My bf and I have started a tradition of pumpkin carving together while watching scary movies, and it’s tons of fun! I love your idea of a picnic in a cemetery… I like sitting in cemeteries. They’re so quiet and peaceful. And I love reading the gravestones and imagining stories of what the people’s lives might have been like, based on whatever clues are available on the gravestones and from where different people are buried in relation to each other. But, as you say, you do have to be careful that you’re in a cemetery that allows this!

    1. I do the same thing, reading tombstones and imagining what their lives would have been like. I could spend hours doing it.

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