Halloween Self-Care

I’ve been sharing all about how amazing Halloween is, the best time of year in my opinion, but that doesn’t mean that it’s all fun, games and candy corn. Some of us will struggle with our mental health leading up to Halloween making it difficult to enjoy all that this season has to offer. Rather than putting your love for the season aside, why not engage in some Halloween self-care.

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For some, self-care is an easy and natural action. They have figured out how to make it part of their daily lives, allowing them to keep their mental health in check, for the most part at least. They are generally the ones that come across as ‘having it all figured out’. However, it’s not that easy for everyone.

For some of us, self-care is something that requires us to make an active effort towards. I know that I often neglect this side of my life at times. In order to ensure that my mental health isn’t pushed aside and forgotten about I have to actively schedule self-care into my busy schedule, and, more importantly, stick with it. It’s a conscious decision each and every day, prioritizing it in the same way that I would a doctor’s appointment.

Sticking with the theme of Blogoween, I have put together a list of 9 fun Halloween-themed self-care options:

Pump Up the Music

There are some great songs associated with the Halloween season, so why not enjoy them? Whether you prefer to listen to some fun-loving songs like the Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, or something a little heavier with Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper, embrace it! Not sure where to start? Why not check out the many Halloween playlists on Spotify or Amazon Music? Dance, sing along or just enjoy listening to your favourite songs – whatever feels right in the moment. After all, this is all about you.

Go for a Spooky Walk

Wait until the sun has set, then head out for a spooky, Halloween-themed walk. You may wish to walk through your local cemetery or simply head around your own neighbourhood checking out the many homes that have put their decorations out for all to see. Not only does this encourage you to get active (which many experts say will boost your mood) but it also gets you out of the stale, indoor air and into the great outdoors.

Light Up a Bonfire

There is something that just screams Halloween about a bonfire. Interested in upping the game and adding some more ‘Halloween’ spirit to the experience? Gather a group of friends around the fire and share your favourite spooky stories.

Enjoy a Hot Bath

There is something unbelievably relaxing about a hot bath after a long day, especially with the temperatures falling the way that they have been. While the idea of a bath may not trigger thoughts of Halloween, but you can certainly give it a spooky twist. Bath bombs will allow you to change the bath water to jet black or blood red. Bath by candlelight while watching a Halloween movie or listening to some spooky music. It can be a full-blown Halloween experience. Honestly, nothing screams Halloween self-care more than a Halloween-themed bath! 

Turn On a Spooky Movie

There is no shortage of GREAT Halloween movies, ranging from childhood favourites all the way up to the scariest of horror movies. Whatever your preference, sit back, relax and enjoy. Personally, Nightmare Before Christmas always makes me smile. My husband has come to realize this, so if he notices that I’m getting overly stressed keeping up with everything on my busy schedule he’ll often just turn it on without my having to ask. Check out my recent post ‘Halloween Movie Marathon’ for a list of our favourite spooky movies.

Halloween, Blogoween, self-care, Halloween self-careDecorate for the Holidays

If you are a huge Halloween lover, like I am, then this is a great way to spend a little ‘me time’ one evening this week. Whether you’re decorating inside or out, adding a little extra Halloween spirit never fails to boost my mood. After all… HALLOWEEN! Whether you’re hanging store-bought decorations or creating something DIY, have fun with it!

Check Out Some Spooky Attractions

One great thing about this time of year is the number of local attractions and events that you can enjoy, including haunted houses, ghost tours and more. Take some time to look into what’s available around you and enjoy it. Invite friends or family along to add to the fun. Personally, I LOVE all things paranormal, so it’s a great way to spend a little ‘me time’.

Enjoy A Seasonal Drink

For many, this time of year is all about pumpkin spice. Personally, I’ll admit that I can’t stand the stuff. Unpopular opinion, I know. Even the smell of pumpkin spice disgusts me. Instead, my autumn drink of choice is apple cider. Curling up with a mug of hot apple cider in hand is a great way to relax and embrace the season.  

Curl Up with a Good Book

There are some amazing horror writers out there, so why not curl up with your favourite spooky read. I have a serious love for Stephen King, and it makes for GREAT Halloween reading. With the cooler weather, it’s the perfect time to curl up by the fireplace in my favourite PJs and a cup of apple cider and allow time to disappear around me as I’ve got my nose in a book.

What are your favourite Halloween self-care activities?

12 thoughts on “Halloween Self-Care”

  1. These are brilliant tips Britt!!

    I always hated Halloween through my teenage years because all my friends would be going out as “sexy bunnies” and things of the kind and I never felt comfortable like that so it was hard finding a way to feel like I fit in…

    Wish I’d have had these tips back then, a good book in the bath is my go to relaxation method!

  2. I needed this, for real. I love that you still themed it, but seriously, holidays can get people down pretty easily. This is perfect <3
    Amber | DahliaJuly.com

  3. A hot bath by candle light while reading a Stephen King book would be the perfect relaxation!! I have only just started reading them as I have such a vivid imagination when reading books, I didn’t think I’d like them but I actually really enjoy them.

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