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Halloween Movie Marathon

One of the things I enjoy most about the month of October is that it’s the perfect time of year to dig out all those Halloween movies we love so much. The scary movies, the ones that should be scary but they’re just plain hilarious and the cute kiddie Halloween movies that we can’t get enough of. It’s the perfect month for an all-out Halloween Move Marathon!

It has become like a tradition in our house. I have band rehearsals a couple nights of the week, but when I’m not doing that we spend our evenings throughout October curled up in the living room with the pups and working out way through all of our favourites. This is often done with the fireplace running, under one of my favourite blankets, in comfortable PJ pants and with a tea or hot chocolate in hand. Feeling the autumn vibes anyone?

The hardest part? Trying to decide which movies to watch! There are SO many options out there that it can be difficult to narrow them down. However, we each have our own list of absolute MUST-SEE movies, so that’s always a great place to start! I tend to enjoy a lot more of the Tim Burton, Halloween themed type movies, while my husband is a little more interested in the ‘classic horror’ type movies. Do either of those descriptions speak to you personally?

So, in the spirit of Blogoween, check out our top 10 must-see movies here (in no particular order):

Halloween, Blogoween, Halloween movies, Halloween movie marathon, horror movies,

Britt’s 10 Must-See Movies:

#1 – Nightmare Before Christmas

#2 – Child’s Play

#3 – Frankenweenie

#4 – The Addams Family

#5 – Hocus Pocus

#6 – Edward Scissorhands

#7 – Corpse Bride

#8 – Beetlejuice

#9 – Halloweentown

#10 – Dracula

John’s 10 Must-See Movies:

(My husband is also a blogger! You can visit the craft beer blog he and his friend Jack run HERE).

#1 – Army of Darkness

#2 – Nightmare Before Christmas

#3 –The Omen

#4 – Exorcist

#5 – Psycho

#6 – Halloween

#7 – Silence of the Lambs

#8 – The Shining

#9 – Carrie

#10 – It

What are your must-see Halloween movies? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!

16 thoughts on “Halloween Movie Marathon”

  1. These are some great choices and some of my favourites – especially The Nightmare Before Christmas. ? Happily I’ve seen all of these of movies except Frankenweeine.

    1. You can’t beat the Nightmare Before Christmas! Although if you like that, you DEFINITELY need to see Frankenweenie!

  2. Besides all the great ones you named, I would have to add [almost all] Friday the 13th films. Jason is one scary dude!

    1. The great thing is that if we extended it to ‘top 25’ for example we would have almost identical lists, we just prioritize our top 10 differently. It makes Halloween the perfect movie marathon time for us!

  3. Great movie choices. Although I’m not a fan of Child’s play. I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve never Halloweentown. I think I’ll need to remedy that. Beetlejuice and Hocus Pocus are on my watch list for this year x

  4. Love this!
    I love a good scary movie and at the moment I’m really feeling that spooky vibe. Going to show my fiance this list and get watching! I really want to do a long move marathon now…

    Sammy | selfcaresloth.wordpress.com

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