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Do you connect with the topics discussed on Alternatively Speaking? Do you have something to contribute that you believe will resonate with the community? Great news! We are currently accepting a limited number of writers interested in guest posting! 

Current Topics of Interest Include:

Green/Environmentally-Friendly Living

Paganism and Spirituality

Outdoor Travel Tips and Hacks

Must-See Outdoor Travel Destinations

Tattoos and Tattoo Care

Piercings and Piercing Care

Alternative Fashion 

Due to the large number of pitches that I receive on an ongoing basis, all interested contributors are asked to include a specific topic or post idea with their pitch. This will allow me to assess which topics are going to resonate most effectively with the Alternatively Speaking community. This will set us both up for success! Priority will be given to those topics that connect with the alternative theme of the blog. 

Please read the guest posting guidelines below prior to reaching out to discuss the opportunity further.

By sending a pitch, you are agreeing to the listed guidelines and requirements. Failure to comply with these guidelines will lead to the rejection of a post, preventing it from being published. If you are confused by any of the listed guidelines or have questions related to them, I would be happy to answer them. 

Guest Posting Guidelines: 

Post length approximately 1000 to 1500 words. Longer submissions may be accepted, pending prior approval. 

All posts must be SEO optimized for a specific long-tail keyword phrase

Spelling and grammar are important. All posts should be proofread prior to submission and fully formatted including the use of headlines, appropriate organic links (no affiliate links unless approved in advance) and emphasized text. 

All content must be 100% original, meaning that it is not published anywhere else either online or in print. 

All images included with your submission must either be your original content, or fully sourced. Any images that violate copyright will not be published. 

All posts must be accompanied by a short author bio including an image of yourself and the links to your site as well as any social media accounts. 

All inquiries and submissions can be sent to Completed articles can be submitted either as a word document or through the use of Google Docs. Any images included in the article should also be sent as a separate attachment. 

Please Note: Articles may be slightly edited and the title may be changed if necessary to optimize SEO. 

Thank you!