Guest Post: From Morticia Addams to Femme Fatale: Why Smoky Eyes Are A Must!

Throughout the ages, beauty standards have changed, but the eyes of a woman were always the most important part of her charm. Eyes are a powerful tool when it comes to social interaction, communication, and seduction. Being aware of that, women have accentuated their eyes from the dawn of civilization. We have come a long way from using pigments and exotic face paint mixtures in ancient Egypt and progressed to fantastic new formulas of waterproof makeup. As the quality of makeup improved, so did the makeup trends, ending with the global epidemic of smoky eyes.

One thing led to another

Stage personas and silent movie actresses were the ones who presented the femme fatale look. In silent movies, dark-rimmed eyes and long eyelashes were the only props available in expressing emotions, so they became a trademark of the early movie stars. Following decades brought slight changes, like expanding colors palette and completely minimizing the use of eyeshadows in the 30’s – 50’s, while giving the great advantage to lipsticks. During the 60’s, bright color eye makeup becomes trendy which goes on in 70’s and ends up in hideous 80’s. The trend of 90’s is more about a return to the more natural look, while today it is all about multiple eyeshadows that create a smoky effect and bring out eyes in the most fabulous way.

smoky eyes, makeup, makeup looks, beauty

So, what’s the thing with the smoky eyes?

This particular technique of applying and smudging multiple eyeshadows makes the eyes bigger and more expressive. Aside from accentuating eyes, it creates a unique sexy and alluring look, transforming you from the girl next door to sophisticated and magnetic diva. It is a dramatic change of looks which, if properly done, can add a dash of chic, mystery, and style to your personality. Not to mention that men around the globe find that women with smoky eyes are intriguing and irresistible. 

Achieving the smoky look

Although it seems as if you have to take painting lessons, smoky eyes technique is fairly easy to master. It does take some practice, experimenting and right makeup, but you’ll get the process quickly. Before using any eyeshadow, make sure to apply eyeshadow primer that will smooth the skin on the eyelids and provide a good foundation for eyeshadows. Choose the color palette and use two-three eyeshadows, starting from the darkest on your lash line to the lightest on your brow bone. Since dark colors make eyes smaller, apply highlighter in the inner corners of the eyes. Use brushes to smudge and to blur the lines. In the end, put some quality creamy eyeliner above the lashes.

Choose the right eyeshadows

Make sure to match eyeshadows to the color of your eyes. Brown eyes will look perfect with copper and gold eyeshadows. You can combine some shades of blue also, as long as you create the smoke effect with traditional black color. Brownish and gray eyeshadows go well with green eyes, as well as dark purple and some pink shades. Use black or brown colors for smoke smudging. Hazel eyes go well with almost any shade but stick to yellowy-brown and burgundy. Blue eyes will look fabulous with brown, gray and silver tones, smudged with black. Avoid bright colors.

smoky eyes, makeup, makeup looks, beauty

Volume up the look

Smokey eyes are all about the colors, but make sure to improve the structure. Eye area goes beyond eyelids, right to the eyebrows. Eyebrows are an important detail when it comes to makeup, so make sure to define them and transform your look. Also, for a more dramatic overall impression, volume up your eyelashes, since it will significantly bring out the color and shape of your eyes. Mascara is the girls best friend on any given day, but for a special occasion look for best eyelash extensions and see how it completely changes your look for the better.

No no’s

Beginners will practice the art of makeup with one eyeshadow color, most likely black. Although, if you can pull it off, bohemian and heroin chic can look great, the chances are that you will end up looking like a panda. On the other hand, rainbow colors are also a thing to avoid. Too much eyeliner is also a risk of panda-raccoonish look. Applying foundation before eyeshadow is a big no-no. Finish the eyes first, then continue your usual makeup routine. Good eye makeup is all bout blended colors so don’t forget to blend. Nonblended makeup will make your eyes look sloppy and unfinished. Last but not least, no matter how tired you are, never skip removing your makeup and washing your face.


With so many tutorials online, you can easily master the art of makeup without seeing a professional. All it takes is some practice, basic good taste, and quality makeup. However, remember that makeup is a tool, not the goal, so use it moderately to bring out your features and not to conceal your real look. Know that there is a makeup for different occasions and time of the day, so avoid being a diva 24/7.

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smoky eyes, makeup, makeup looks, beauty

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