laptop sitting on a computer while someone's hand is using the touchpad, including the title Freelance Writing

Creating a website is a great first step, but now what? The key to attracting and maintaining steady traffic to your site is to provide your visitors with value in the form of high-quality content. If you are looking to hire someone for your freelance writing needs, look no further! 

With an educational background in marketing, focusing on digital and social media marketing, and over 5 years blogging including Alternatively Speaking, I have the experience and knowledge necessary to create professional, creative content. 

You set the tone, ranging from conversational, funny, hip or edgy pieces right through to the more formal, professional articles. I will research your topic and deliver an ORIGINAL (no copy and paste articles, nothing I have sold to other buyers) article to appeal to your target audience. The more information you are able to provide in relation to the tone, style, etc., the more customized the finished project will be. You are in control. 

Interested in seeing more of my work? In addition to the articles available for you to peruse on Alternatively Speaking, you can also view my online portfolio HERE. My previous freelance writing experience spans a wide variety of subjects including news articles, horoscopes, online polls and quizzes, educational content, personal opinion style articles and more.

If you are looking for someone to write your blog posts/articles or social media content, email me at