Halloween, Blogoween, Halloween decorations, Halloween banner, Halloween DIY

DIY Halloween Banner (with Templates)

If you’re anything like me, Halloween decorations are more than just what you put outside the house to welcome the Trick-or-Treaters. I like to fully embrace the season, with signs of Halloween all over the house! Among the many decorations, this year I added a new Halloween banner.

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Last year I shared a post about a DIY Thanksgiving banner as part of Blogtober. It as relatively popular, largely because the banner itself was so easy and yet looked great when it was finished I firmly believe. Therefore, it only made sense to take this and run with it for the Halloween season as well, no?

If you are looking to add a little personal touch to your own decorating, here’s one even a DIY novice can handle! In fact, I’m going to make it as easy as possible by sharing some printable templates. All you have to do is choose your banner message, pick a ribbon colour and assemble it.

Halloween, Blogoween, Halloween decorations, Halloween banner, Halloween DIY

You will need:

  • A ruler or straight edge of some kind
  • Scissors/a craft knife/paper cutter
  • Ribbon
  • Cardstock
  • The template of your choice (see below)
Halloween, Blogoween, Halloween decorations, Halloween banner, Halloween DIY


Select the banner you plan on making and print your template. I have included a blank banner as well to allow you to create your own if none of the banners I have available speak to you. Remember, this is all about you so have fun with it! Personally, the location of my banner helped me decide on the message. We have a small liquor cabinet in our dining room, and I was making a banner to hang above it. So, what’s better than ‘Cheers Witches’ to fit the space?

Print the template onto the cardstock of your choice. While I went with a simple white, you could add a pop of colour by using a coloured cardstock instead. The templates are all designed with black lettering, so it can stand out on a wide assortment of colours.

Using your paper cutter or scissors, cut each of the banner pieces out from the template. Then, using a craft knife (or an open pair of scissors) cut one small line near the top on each side of the pieces. You want to make sure that this is big enough for the ribbon to easily fit through.

The next step is another opportunity for you to customize your banner – your ribbon. With a wide variety of colours, sizes, textures, and designs, you can select something that speaks to you and shows off your personality. I decided to run with a bright orange, a roll of ribbon I found in my craft bin that I forgot I already had (gotta love the random finds)!

Lay out all the pieces of your banner, then weave your ribbon through. You can do one large banner or break it into smaller banners. In order to better fit the space I had in mind, I chose to do two smaller banners that, together, would complete the message.

When it comes to hanging your banner, this is another chance to get creative. You could go simple, like my example here, add ribbon bows (like my Thanksgiving banner), put some little pictures over the ends, hanging it within a frame – whatever feels right. This is YOUR banner, so get creative and make it yours!

Printable Halloween Banner Templates

Happy Halloween

Trick or Treat


Cheers Witches

Monster Mash

Blank Banner

What decorations do you put up for Halloween? Do you have a Halloween banner? If you do use one of the above templates, I’d love to see it! Tag me on social media and I will share your creation for all to see!

10 thoughts on “DIY Halloween Banner (with Templates)”

  1. I love banners of ANY kind, and this is adorable and something I would most likely keep up all year. HA.
    Ams | wwwDahliaJuly.com

    1. I put up different banners for every holiday, it’s the easiest way to add a little festive touch to the home! I love it!

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