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Delicious Dessert in the Heart of Essex, Ontario: Ice Cool Treats

Summer is just around the corner, bringing with it sunshine, beach days and ice cream cones. If you’re looking for refreshing dessert in the heart of Essex, Ontario, look no further! Ice Cool Treats has got you covered!

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Whether you are making a trip to the Windsor/Essex region of Ontario for one of the many festivals and events throughout the summer season, or simply passing through on your next road trip, this area has much to offer. The city of Windsor has caught the attention of many recently, even landing a special mention in a recent episode of The Simpsons. Located across the river from the city of Detroit, the area is best known for being the busiest border cross in North America.

Having had the opportunity to live in this area now for over a decade, I have discovered many incredible sights and experiences throughout the region. For this reason, I have made it my mission to share a unique insight into this beautiful area for those that are interested in making a trip to Canada’s southernmost point.

Located at the same latitude as northern California, Windsor/Essex offers amazingly warm weather throughout the summer season. That, combined with the many beaches and waterfront views in the area, makes it an ideal (yet often overlooked) summer getaway! Of course, what’s summer without ice cream? Am I right? Great news, I’m about to give you a little insider knowledge as to where to find some of the most amazing dessert options in the area!

yellow sign listening all menu options at Ice Cool Treats in Essex, Ontario

The Town of Essex is only 15 minutes outside of Windsor. Filled with great local shops, delicious food (including plenty of pizza options) and more, it’s worth the trip for anyone visiting the Windsor area during their stay! Right in the heart of town, you will find a small dessert shop, but don’t let its size fool you! Ice Cool Treats is an experience that everyone needs to experience at least once!

Last night, my husband and I decided that we needed to enjoy a mini date night, taking a short walk in the cool night air over to grab some dessert. Despite living in town for a couple of years, I had yet to check out the highly recommended shop, so it was far overdue! When we arrived, we were surprised by the many options including some unique and interesting specials including deep-fried apple pie and cherry cheesecake, beaver tails and funnel cakes, all served with soft serve ice cream and fresh fruit. More of a traditionalist? They carry frozen yogurt and an assortment of ice cream flavours.

yellow sign listening all menu options at Ice Cool Treats in Essex, Ontario

As a cheesecake addict, it didn’t take long for my husband to decide that he had to give the deep-fried cherry cheesecake a try. I decided to take a healthier approach, ordering a fresh fruit yogurt smoothie with blueberries, strawberries and raspberries.

I want to start by saying how incredible the customer service was. There were three people in the shop at the time and despite the fact they were rather busy, they greeted everyone who entered with a big smile and the friendliest demeanour. You could tell that they had their ‘regulars’ as they greeted several people by name as they walked through the door.

deep-fried cherry cheesecake with soft serve ice cream and a fresh fruit yogurt smoothie sitting on a picnic table

As for the desserts, they definitely didn’t last long. I’m glad I took the time to grab a photo before we left to walk home, as there was nothing to share by the time we made it there (and it’s not a long walk)! My smoothie lovers know that you can tell the difference between those who use actual fruit versus a cheaper fruit puree – and this was fresh and refreshing!

As for the deep-friend cheesecake, my husband LOVED it. He said, “It looks ‘heavy’, but it wasn’t, surprisingly! It was delicious and I think we might have to go back for more tonight!” He did let me try it (only one bite lol) and I can see why he enjoyed it so much!

If you’re making your way to the Windsor/Essex area, or simply passing through, take a short detour up Highway 3 to Ice Cool Treats in Essex, Ontario. It’s worth the trip! 

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What’s the most popular ice cream flavour? Share your favourite in the comments and see how it stacks up!

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    1. I have a HUGE weakness for fresh smoothies and ice cream type treats (I’m a sorbet lover). I have a feeling I’m going to be making frequent trips over to Ice Cool Treats knowing that it’s literally walking distance from my house lol

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