woman wearing black ripped jeans sitting on a grey shag rug in front of a laptop with a cellphone sitting beside her


Are you ready to take your blogging and social media efforts to the next level? 

With over 4 million blog posts being published EVERY DAY, the blogging world can feel overwhelming and over-saturated. Of these, only a select few are seeing the results that they want from their blogging efforts. What sets them apart from the rest? What is their secret?

woman wearing black ripped jeans sitting on a grey shag rug in front of a laptop with a cellphone sitting beside her

While hard work and dedication are both essential for success, it’s often not enough. In fact, some of the hardest working and most passionate bloggers will give up before achieving success. It doesn’t have to be that way! 

If you are dreaming of blogging success, it’s time to take the next step forward in your business. It’s time to take hold of the key to your goals and dreams in this online world – a combination of FOCUSED DEDICATION and FOCUSED GUIDANCE. Rather than walking through this mine field on your own, leverage the education and experience of those who have already travelled that path?


Throughout my career as a digital/social media marketer I have obtained a Business – Marketing diploma as well as a number of industry-specific certifications focused on digital and social media marketing, and I continue learning every day! After all, the world of social media is always changing!

Running my own marketing agency, I have helped businesses and organizations around the world to reach their goals and achieve success, and now its your turn. I am passionate about helping bloggers, vloggers, influencers and content creators make their dreams a reality. I want to see you succeed! 

I am offering a limited number of 1-on-1 Skype coaching sessions each week specifically for content creators like yourself. This is your chance to sit down and ask any questions that may be on your mind while we work together to establish a clear marketing strategy for your efforts. It’s time to work smarter, not harder! 


What can I expect from a coaching session? 

All coaching sessions are conducted on Skype and are 30-minutes in length? Why Skype instead of a phone call? This will allow us to work together visually through the use of screen sharing, ensuring that you 110% understand everything that we are discussing. We will visit your social media accounts and blog to discuss your successes, areas of improvement and next steps moving forward. 

Prior to your session, I will ask you to complete a short form asking you for links to all of your social media accounts and websites, as well as specific questions designed to highlight your goals as well as your concerns. I will conduct a review of all accounts, ensuring that I address any points of concern you introduced. That way, going into our session, we aren’t wasting your valuable time clarifying any of this – Your 30 minutes are all about YOU!


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To book and make payment via PayPal, email coaching@alternativelyspeaking.ca