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Celebrate Spring with These 25+ Floral-Themed Tattoos

April is here, and with April comes spring, right? Apparently this year Mother Nature has missed the memo, but that doesn’t mean we can’t embrace it in our own way! Spring, for me, brings up images of butterflies, beautiful flowers, singing birds and wildlife emerging from hibernation. If we can’t get the ‘spring vibes’ outside right now, why not look at the next best thing – floral-themed tattoos!

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Ok, confession – I LOVE doing these tattoo roundups, so I am always open to any opportunity to pull another together here. (Hint, hint – that also means I am also open to suggestions if anyone out there has good ideas!)

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Secretly I’m hoping if we embrace spring online enough that we may be able to influence the weather and finally see the much-needed sun and warmth starting to roll in. Spring is such a beautiful time of year – A time of fresh starts, new beginnings, and transformation. Shedding the cold, dark weight of the winter months we have the opportunity to move into a light, happy time.

And so, with this in mind, I set out to search the internet for a wide variety of beautiful, unique and captivating flower themed tattoos. As I point out on every one of my tattoo round-up posts, I find all of these pictures online and source them with the information that is made available. If, however, I am sharing a picture that was found on a third-party site that fails to include artist information, then it may be absent. If you see an image that you recognized first hand that has not been credit or been incorrectly credited, please swing over to the contact page and reach out! I 100% believe in crediting the artists for their phenomenal work, they deserve all that and more!

Let’s Welcome Spring with These 25+ Floral-Themed Tattoos:

As I announced on a recent tattoo roundup, ‘35+ Irish Inspired Tattoos to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day,’ I am launching a new series of posts here on Alternatively Speaking called ‘Behind the Ink.Each post in this series will feature a different tattoo artist, sharing their answers to a series of interview-style questions as well as showcasing some of their incredible work. While I have had the opportunity to connect with some great local talent, I am still looking for artists from around the world interested in being featured. If you are an artist, or if you know a phenomenal artist that you feel deserves the recognition, please contact me for more information!

Did these tattoos leave you feeling a little more ‘spring-like’? If you were to get any floral-themed tattoos, which flower, plant or design would you be most interested in?

Feature Image Source: hypnosis_tattoo | Instagram

25 thoughts on “Celebrate Spring with These 25+ Floral-Themed Tattoos”

    1. They are so pretty! I love how it blends that more feminine softeness with something that’s often seen as being so ‘rough and tough’ (tattoos)

  1. I am so indecisive about tattoos, I want one but i dont know exactly what I want and my mind always changes! these are so pretty though, but i think ill stick to piercings haha

  2. I never bothered with eyebrows before i lost all my hair (14 years ago) but started to draw them on as I looked like a ghost with no eyebrows or lashes. I have tried many different products including tattooing . Just before Christmas I invested in mibcroblading. It”s so so much better and more realistic than tattoo. When you look closely you can see the hairs!! I am older so didn”t have them too thick or dark. But they look so good. I sometimes darken them if I”m fully made up but they look so normal for a lady my age (64) for every day without any enhancement . Another tip for older ladies with no eyelashes either. use an creamy eye shadow pencil and then draw a line across your eyelash line and inner eye in a darker shade instead of eyeliner which is a bit harsh for older ladies custom written essays

  3. I love these floral tattoos, as my daughters name is Rosie, i plan on getting a sleeve dedicated to roses and flowers for her. This has given me some real inspiration!

    1. Aren’t they so pretty? I was totally feeling the spring spirit while I was putting this together – which is a good thing because I don’t feel it outside yet lol

    1. Isn’t it pretty? I love going through all the different tattoos – although it always leaves me wanting more…

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