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How To Enjoy Cannabis While Camping In The Woods

If you enjoy the relaxing effects of cannabis, it doesn’t get better than smoking cannabis around a campfire with your friends. When you go camping for the weekend, it will be the best part of your trip. Just be careful when you’re getting high in the middle of the forest. There are some important safety tips to consider when planning on enjoying cannabis while camping!

You may find it extremely difficult to get help if something goes wrong. Especially if you prefer backcountry camping. If you want to avoid any major disasters, we’ll discuss a few rules everyone should follow. It will ensure you get back to civilization in one piece.

Check Out These Tips Before Enjoying Cannabis While Camping

1. Choose A Designated Driver

One person in the group won’t be able to use anything you purchase from specialty stores like the Ghost Drops Toronto cannabis shop. You’ll only be able to reach the hospital if someone is sober enough to get behind the wheel.

Maybe you can take turns staying sober if your camping trip turns into a regular thing. If you’re going away for a few days, you can split the responsibility equally. It’s the best way to keep everyone happy.

2. Stay Away from Potentially Dangerous Animals

Don’t go camping in the middle of bear country if you’re planning to get high. You must be in full possession of your faculties when a grizzly stumbles upon your camp. It’s the only way you’ll be able to survive an attack.

If the cannabis strain you’re smoking contains terpenes, it could be attractive to curious bears. Are you prepared to take the chance? The animals have an excellent sense of smell and like to wander around while you’re sleeping.

3. Don’t Take Too Much Cannabis

Do you know how much cannabis you can handle before things spiral out of control? You don’t want to test your tolerance level while camping. If you buy from the Ghost Drops marijuana producer you’ll be okay.

You can see how many milligrams of THC each cannabis product contains. It’s okay to start with a low dose if you’re unsure. You might need less THC when eating edibles because the high is more intense.

4. Make Sure You’re Wrapped Up

You won’t be cold when sitting around a warm fire, but don’t forget to wrap up when it’s time for bed. Your sleeping bag and mat should have a high-temperature rating, plus make sure you’re wearing enough clothes.

Even though you might feel warmer than usual while high, cannabis is tricking your body, like when alcohol makes you think you’re wearing a jacket instead of a shirt. If you’re too exposed to cold temperatures, it could be dangerous.

5. Feeling Relaxed or Energetic

If you’re going camping to brainstorm business ideas, you need to choose a Sativa cannabis strain. It will give you lots of energy, focus, and creativity. If you want to relax as much as possible, Sativa is a bad idea.

Indica will help you chill by the campfire while watching the flames dance around in the dark. I’m sure you’ll have a great night no matter which one you choose, but it’s worth deciding what kind of night you want to have first.

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Don’t Forget About the Rules

It’s worth following the rules if you want the trip to be a great success. Not only do you want to ensure that you and your friends enjoy your trip, but you need to be respectful of nearby campers. Everyone deserves the opportunity to relax in the great outdoors!

Don’t forget to share these important rules with your friends before heading off on your next adventure.

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