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Is your brand or organization interested in working with Alternatively Speaking? 

Let’s Do It! 

I am always excited to discuss the possibility of brand collaborations with businesses and organizations that align with the brand image here at Alternatively Speaking.

Services Offered

At this time, the following services are being offered. Do you have a unique idea that doesn’t fit into any of the categories listed below? Feel free to contact me to discuss the details.

Sponsored Posts and Post Series


Product Reviews

Sidebar Advertising

Social Media Promotion and/or Giveaways

Event Promotion

Brand Ambassadorship/Affiliate Agreements

Interested? Contact me to discuss pricing and further details at

There is a fee associated with all services. However, it should be noted that a fee does NOT sway our thoughts or opinions on a particular product, service or event. In the event that we do receive something that we feel cannot be shared in a positive light, we will contact you directly to discuss the situation and work together to find a solution that will benefit all parties.

While I understand and am sympathetic to brands that may not have a budget for paid promotions at this time, the fees associated are in place to cover my time spent writing, photographing and promoting your brand,  your products/services or your event to my audience. For this reason, these fees are non-negotiable. That being said, you are welcome to send your information and if I am intrigued by your product/service and believe that it offers value to my community, there is a chance that I will choose to share it on social media. However, there are no guarantees.

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