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9 Unique Rainbow Hair Trends

Whether you love rocking bright, bold colours or simply enjoy looking at the pictures that others share, Instagram is a great place to check out all the latest trends. Today’s hair products have truly opened the door to a whole variety of beautiful colours and styles, including these 9 unique rainbow hair trends that are currently trending!

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woman with tattoos and long pink hair leaning back against a cement wall, hands behind her head, in the sun with the title 9 unique rainbow hair trends

Throughout history, we have found a variety of ways to express our creativity and personality, from innovative clothing choices to one of a kind make-up. Today, the growing acceptance of bright and rainbow hair colours has opened the door to this fun canvas. Today, these fun colour options are mainstream and there really are options for everyone – From the pink-loving princess to the weird and quirky ‘geeky type’.

You may have already found ‘your colour’, the one colour (or family of colours) that just feels ‘right’ causing you to keep coming back to it. For me, it’s all about the blues! On the other hand, you may prefer to change up your hair with your mood. In fact, with dye options like Manic Panic and Arctic Fox which are easy to use and don’t damage the hair, it wouldn’t be unheard of to rock a new hair colour every other week. Are you feeling it?

If you’re looking for a change but feel stuck for inspiration, I’ve got you covered!

Please note: The following images are NOT my original works. If you are interested in checking out the original artist, each is an embedded Instagram post and clicking through the image will take you directly to the source. 

Check out these unique rainbow hair trends that are currently taking Instagram by storm!

#1 – Flame Hair

There is no denying that this is one ‘hot’ trend! Okay, now that I got that pun out of my system… Honestly, I am LOVING the flame trend, using oranges, yellows and reds to mimic flames. While some, like this example, stick to the tips, others transform the full length of their head into a wall of flames.


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#2 – Rainbow Buzz Cut Art

Whether you are completely buzzing your head, or simply rocking a buzzed undercut, the combination of buzz cut art and rainbow hair colours can make for some incredible artwork.


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#3 – Rainbow Peek-A-Boo

You may want to maintain a natural-looking appearance for a number of reasons, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun with your hair colour! Why no rock a rainbow peek-a-boo. When your hair is down, no one will have any idea, but style it up and you can show off the bright, bold colours.


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#4 – Magic-Eye Hair

A more recent trend, magic-eye hair attempts to recreate the look of the ever-popular optical illusion ‘Magic Eye’ books. The result is a pretty trippy colour creation that will have people doing a double-take.


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#5 – Rainbow Tips

An all-over rainbow look may be a little much for you, and that’s okay! If you’re still craving a little rainbow in your life, why not try adding some rainbow tips to your favourite hair colour?


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#6 – Pretty Pastels

There are so many beautiful pastel creations on Instagram as of late. Whether you simply want to stick to one pastel colour or blend a variety like this example, you’ll be rocking some serious unicorn princess vibes!

#7 – Split Colour

Can’t decide on a single colour? Don’t forget this unique rainbow hair trend that’s been around for quite a while now! There are so many great combinations, and simply moving your part or adding a zig-zag style part while dying can change the look up even more.


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#8 – Sunset Hair

There is no denying the absolute beauty of a sunset, the subject of many photos on Instagram. Rather than limiting your love of sunsets to your photography, why not recreate that beauty in your hair? The result is gorgeous!


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#9 – Galaxy Hair

Using the beautiful blues and purples often seen in space photography, the galaxy hair trend has resulted in some stunning colour blends. If these are your preferred colours, why not give it a try?


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Do you have a favourite out of these unique rainbow hair trends? Is there a trend you’re currently loving that I forgot to include? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

40 thoughts on “9 Unique Rainbow Hair Trends”

  1. I wish my hair was light enough to do pastel colors! I think I’m doing the split colors with my hair next, maybe add a little bangs or something. 😉

    Thanks for the hair inspo!

    1. I’ve always loved the look of pastel colours but the only time I end up rocking it is when my hair fades down that far hahaha

    1. Aren’t they great? It makes me want to play with hairdye again ASAP, and I just dyed my hair a week ago hahaha

  2. Oh woe, these are some stunning looks. I’m not sure I could pick a favourite, I love the flame tips, the galaxy look and the sunset hair. ? Sadly I’m not sure I’d be able to go to the office with such vibrant colours.

    1. Actually some of the dyes, like Manic Panic and Arctic Fox, have conditioning qualities to them which may help your hair BUT you would want to be really careful what styles you choose because any lightening could definitely cause big time damage

  3. What a fun thing to do and style your hair! MY daughter has been begging to do this since she was little, but no hairstylists would agree for her to do it as her hair is too dark — great post to read.

    1. That’s odd that they wouldn’t agree – it likely would have to be lightened in a couple stages to avoid damage, but it can be done safely!

    1. I think anyone can pull off rainbow hair, they just have to find the colour that works for them! I’ve tried a ton of colours and blues are my ‘happy place’

    1. I am loving the more subtle look of the rainbow tips – could be fun for someone who isn’t feeling a full head dye

    1. Could you get away with a peek-a-boo look or even just some sort of streaks? I worked in an office for a while where I wasn’t allowed to rock the rainbow colours so I really do understand your pain!

  4. I’ve always been afraid of changing my hair colour, but these looks are amazing! Maybe won’t try them, but I bet they would look on someone else. Thanks for sharing and taking the time to make this post.

    1. There are some great semi-permanent options that will wash right out of your hair if you change your mind after – Great way to try out different colours and see if it works for you or not

  5. I love all of these, especially the geo-metric undercut and the blazing tips in the first one. Sadly my hair is curly and would look a sight if colored like this.

    1. There are some beautiful dye jobs on girls with curly hair! It can be a little challenging for some of the elaborate trends, but at the same time I feel like the curls help blend others better

  6. I used to dye my hair all the time, but I really don’t anymore. But that doesn’t stop me from LOVING the hair dye trends that go around!! I personally love the rainbow trend and the pastels. And you have to love the galaxy one, because it just makes that person look like an extraterrestrial goddess!

    Emily | https://www.thatweirdgirllife.com

    1. I have been keeping it much more simple these days, just sticking with my signature blues, but I love all the different trends that come up! I can’t help but lust after them lol

    1. I fully believe that everyone can, it’s just a matter of finding the style that works for you and makes you feel good – It’s all about confidence and how you wear it!

  7. So funky, so cool!! Love the rainbow hair trend. Although I haven’t tried bright colors, don’t have the confidence tbh, but yes have certainly experimented with magenta and rose pink shades. When your hair your entire personality lifts thanks for sharing.

    1. I really do get a huge personal mood boost anytime that I dye my hair – it’s when I feel the most ‘like me’ lol

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