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7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter

As I discussed in my last blog, the weather here in Canada has been less than ideal. There is no denying the fact that winter is here, and it’s here to stay for awhile! We’ve already discussed ideas for keeping yourself warm and toasty despite the bone-chilling wind that rages outside – but what about your four-legged family members? Winter pet safety is a topic that isn’t discussed nearly often enough!

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It’s no surprise if you’ve been around Alternatively Speaking for any length of time that my pets are members of our family. Often starring in my photos and stories, and inspiring many of the posts that I share, they are a central focus of our lives.

During the winter months, there are a number of risks and hazards that we need to be aware of as pet owners. By bringing them into our lives and our families we are assuming the responsibility for their safety and well-being. I created this infographic to provide new pet owners with valuable information for the winter months. It is also a great reminder for those of us who have long welcomed the unconditional love of our special companions.

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What steps do you take to keep your beloved pets safe and healthy throughout the winter months?

26 thoughts on “7 Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe This Winter”

  1. My mom has tried putting little doggy mittens on our dogs to protect their paws and they were just not having it. Lol. They would lay down and refuse to walk if they were on! ?

    1. Mine don’t wear winter booties so anytime they are outside beyond our back yard (which is puppy safe) they get a full foot wash off to make sure the salts are all gone

  2. this was a great post! thank you for sharing! oreo loves the cold weather so basically we need to make sure he isn’t out in the yard playing for long periods of time, i swear he would live outside if he could lol

    1. That’s the struggle we have with ours too, especially Davi. Indy is usually pretty good for knowing when it’s time to go in… My husband has had to go get her before

  3. Monica@theRiteofAging

    Lovely post!!! These are things that are quite often overlooked during the winter and I love the graphic you’ve made for this

    1. We’ve got the two indoor cats and they have dealt with the cold by discovering the vents in the house lol They can be found laying on top of one

    1. Definitely – there are different types of coat. Indy has longer hair than our girl Dav, but he’s the one that struggles in cold weather, not her

    1. We have two cats, but they are fully indoor cats so they are far less of a concern lol – my dogs are the ones I have to watch closer.

    1. I keep baby wipes around for paws largely, I’m sure they’d work for cats too! Our cats are indoors all the time so we don’t really have to worry about that

    1. They rely on us to keep them safe, and give us everything they have in exchange. The least we can do is to do our best to care for them.

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