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50+ Spooky and Creative Halloween Tattoos

If you’re a regular reader here at Alternatively Speaking, then you know that I can’t go an entire season without a tattoo roundup! Among the most popular posts that I post, your views show me you love them so who am I not to deliver, right? Especially when I love putting them together so much! So, to continue with the Blogoween theme, here are 50+ of my favourite Halloween tattoos from Instagram.

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I took some time over the last week to browse Instagram in search of some of the greatest talent out there. As I state in every tattoo roundup, these pictures have all been sourced from Instagram with the information that is available. I have put my best effort into giving credit to the artists in each case, however, I have no way of guaranteeing that the information available on Instagram is accurate.

Halloween tattoos, Halloween, Blogoween, tattoos, tats

For this reason, I am going to ask for your help. If I am sharing a picture that fails to include accurate artist information, please let me know! Just swing over to the contact page. I believe 100% in crediting tattoo artists for their incredible work and would be more than happy to look into the situation further.

This is arguably the tattoo theme that has tempted me the most. The more I searched, the more inspired I found myself and now I am definitely in need of a Halloween-themed tattoo! While I have a plan for one half sleeve, I keep meaning to come up with some ideas for the other one, so maybe Halloween is the key? The ideas are rolling now! After all, in case you haven’t already caught on, I’m a little bit of a Halloween addict…

In case you haven’t already seen mention of it on other tattoo-themed posts, I am launching a new series of posts in the near future called ‘Behind the Ink’. Each post in this series will feature a different tattoo artist, sharing their answers to a series of interview-style questions as well as showcasing some of their incredible work. While this gives me the opportunity to connect with some great local talent, I would love to see the series reach further and feature artists from around the world. If you are an artist, or if you know a phenomenal artist that you feel deserves the recognition, please contact me for more information!

Check Out These 50+ Spooky and Creative Halloween Tattoos:

Do you have a Halloween-themed tattoo? Have you ever considered getting a Halloween-themed tattoo? 

Feature Image Source: archangelcustomink | Instagram

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    1. I seriously think I need to make a Halloween tattoo happen sooner rather than later after putting this together hahaha

  1. all are so nice , but i am like 3rd one mostly
    and i want to make a tattoo very soon, thank you for this.
    you have any tattoo?

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