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45 Tattoos for the Ultimate Beer Lover

I had the realization today that I haven’t shared a tattoo round-up with all of you since my Halloween Tattoo post back during ‘Blogtober.’ Honestly, these posts rank among some of my absolute favourite to put together – I love going through and checking out all the incredible ink that’s out there. Confession: I spend hours going through different tattoos on Pinterest, saving a lot of my absolute favourites on a couple boards called ‘Colour Work Tattoos’ and ‘Black & Grey Tattoos’ for everyone else to see. Deciding that it was time to put another one together I chose today’s theme – Tattoos for the Ultimate Beer Lover!

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Curious about the inspiration for this one? I’m not sure if I have shared it on here recently or not, but my husband is also a blogger. He and his friend Jack started a craft beer blog called ‘The Intoxicated Review,’ where they review craft beers of all kinds, visit breweries and talk about anything remotely beer-related. If you are a beer lover then you really should check it out! You can also follow the two of them on Twitter, or check our their individual Instagram accounts – John and Jack.

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For today’s tattoo round-up I went on the search for some fun, creative, interesting, eyebrow-raising and absolutely gorgeous tattoos, all beer related in some way, shape or form. Some showcase a bottle of beer, or a pint, others opted to go in the direction of depicting hops and barley. All are amazing pieces of artwork.

As with any other tattoo round-up, I source all images that I share. That being said, there are times that I choose to share a tattoo off of Pinterest or a third party site that doesn’t include information about the actual artist. If you ever see an image that you recognize first hand, please fire me a message and we can take steps to verify and then credit the artist. I am all for giving tattoo artists the credit that they deserve!

Finally, before we kick this off, I have started to put some thought into an upcoming tattoo round-up and I need your help. Each round-up includes a theme, and this one I think could be a ton of fun. I want to do a round-up of my reader’s tattoos. If you’ve got some ink that you’d like to show off, please send a picture to complete with your name, the artist’s name, the studio if they are working out of one and any links you may have that should be included for the purpose of sourcing. The more the merrier! I’d love to see all your tattoos regardless of size and style!

And So, Without Further Adieu, Tattoos for the Ultimate Beer Lover…

Feature Image Source: Next Luxury

24 thoughts on “45 Tattoos for the Ultimate Beer Lover”

  1. Sophie - Trafotoz

    I love the ‘beer goes here’ tattoo – very clever! The details are insane, that’s why they’re art to me! insane how good they look.


    1. Haha They don’t make my list of my have tattoos (and I do have such a list) but that’s the fun thing about tattoos!

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