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40+ Beach-Themed Tattoos To Chase Away The Winter Blues

For many of us, the last few days have been a bit of a nightmare weather-wise with the polar vortex rolling through. Rather than dwelling on the cold (there’s enough of it in our lives) I decided I would use today’s tattoo round-up to get us thinking about the warmer days! Check out these great beach-themed tattoos! 

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tattoo, tattoos, beach tattoos, summer tattoos,

Back in December, I asked those of you who follow me on Twitter to vote on a few different polls, giving me a better idea of what you’d all like to see on here. While I make a point of writing things that I also enjoy writing and ring true to the ‘alternative’ style of the blog, I do enjoy doing this occasionally so I can get your feedback. Thank you to everyone who participated! One thing that was clear was that you’re all loving the tattoo-related content, and my tattoo round-ups are a hit. I LOVE creating these, so it’s a request I am more than happy to make a reality!

This is the first tattoo round-up of 2019, so let’s take a moment to explain what these are for those of you who may have just found your way to Alternatively Speaking. I try to do one of these posts every 1-2 months, each with a different theme. Tattoos are an incredible work of art and should be celebrated as such, so I sit down and take an afternoon to browse Instagram in search of beautiful creations that fit the theme.  

As I state in every tattoo round-up, these pictures have all been sourced from Instagram with the information that is available. I have put my best effort into giving credit to the artists in each case, however, I have no way of guaranteeing that the information available on Instagram is accurate. For this reason, I am going to ask for your help. If I am sharing a picture that fails to include accurate artist information, please let me know! Just swing over to the contact page. I believe 100% in crediting tattoo artists for their incredible work and would be more than happy to look into the situation further.

For those of you who have been following Alternatively Speaking for a while, you know that I’ve been talking about a new serious called ‘Behind the Ink’. Great news, I have already started to connect with tattoo artists from around the globe that are interested in participating – but there’s always room for more! To break it down, each post in the series will feature a different tattoo artist, sharing their answer to a series of interview-style questions as well as showcasing some of their incredible work. This is a chance to get their name and their talent out there for the world to see, sharing their passion for tattoos and tattoo culture. If you are an artist, or if you know a phenomenal artist that you feel deserves the recognition, please contact me for more information!

Without further adieu, let’s chase away the winter blues with these 40+ beach-themed tattoos:

If you were to get any beach-themed tattoos (or already have one), what details would you want to include? Is there something that just screams ‘beach vibes’ to you?

14 thoughts on “40+ Beach-Themed Tattoos To Chase Away The Winter Blues”

  1. So many beautiful pieces but I especially love the two thigh pieces and the one that says fly away. I have several tattoos but nothing beach themed though my best friend and I have been planning to get small wave tattoos together.

  2. Some of these tattoos are so pretty! Really enjoying the more traditional style tattoos. Makes me really want to be laid on a beach sipping a cold drink haha.

    It also makes me want to have another tattoo! ?

    Fran x

  3. I loved scrolling down looking at these. I could look at them forever. I never thought I was a fan of colour tattoos but some of these are so lovely! I love that they are all beach themed but they all have their own style, gothic, b&w etc! Great blog post idea too! x

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