30+ Winter-Themed Tattoos to Embrace the Snowy Weather

There is no doubting it, the winter weather is here and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon! Winter, for me, brings one major period of excitement – Christmas. Once that time has passed, however, I am generally ready to say goodbye to the snow, ice and cold in favour of warmer weather, camping, hiking and time spent by the pool. What can I say, I’m not much of a winter person, but that definitely isn’t true for everyone! However, I can definitely embrace these winter-themed tattoos! 

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Shout out to all the winter lovers! To the snowmobilers, skiers, snowboarders, and lovers of all things winter-related, this one is for you!

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Tattoos are a reflection of the personality of the wearer, a chance to wear our artwork and the things that we are most passionate about out in the open, sharing them with the world. It’s no surprise, then, that there are some incredible winter themed tattoos out there! Tattoo roundups are easily among my favourite blog posts to share with all of you, so this sounds like the perfect opportunity to pull together some of these amazing works of art here for all of you!

I say this on every tattoo roundup post, but I’ll add it again… I source all images that I share. That being said, there are times that I choose to share a tattoo off of Pinterest or a third-party site that doesn’t include information about the actual artist. If you ever see an image that you recognize first hand, please fire me a message and we can take steps to verify and then credit the artist. I am all for giving tattoo artists the credit that they deserve! 

Let’s embrace this winter weather and celebrate the season with these 30+ winter-themed tattoos!

As I announced on my last tattoo roundup post, ’45 Tattoos for the Ultimate Beer Lover,’ I am working on a fun upcoming roundup featuring all of you! That’s right, I would LOVE to do a tattoo roundup featuring the tattoos of all my incredible readers. Interested in having your favourite ink featured? It’s simple! Email a picture to britt@alternativelyspeaking.ca complete with your name, the artist’s name, the studio if they are working out of one and any links you may have that should be included for the purpose of sourcing (such as the artist’s website or social media account). The more the merrier! This is open to all styles and sizes.

Do you currently have a tattoo? If so, how many? How did you decide which tattoo to get? If not, have you ever considered getting ink? Would you get any of the above featured winter-themed tattoos?

Feature Image Source: lovehelen.ink | Instagram

22 thoughts on “30+ Winter-Themed Tattoos to Embrace the Snowy Weather”

  1. I’m loving everyone of those! The neck tattoos are gorgeous – makes me want to get one.

    Loving these post becuse they’re like tattoo inspiration!

    1. I’ve been seriously considering a neck tattoo of some form, but I’m so particular about my tattoos and nothing has quite ‘fit’ there yet. Every one of my tattoos has some sort of deep meaning

    1. I have like 5 planned out already to add to my growing collection, and more to add I’m sure hahaha – they’re addicting

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