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There was a trend going on Twitter for awhile, and while I don’t normally jump on random social media trends like that, I couldn’t skip this one. You see, I am a Harry Potter addict – There, I said it! Admitting it is the first step, right?

The trend flying through the Twitterverse was to ask your followers what house at Hogwarts they believed you would be in. Curiosity got the best of me, so I posted it and sat back to see what would come of it.

Twitter has spoken – By a slight margin you have voted RAVENCLAW!

Harry Potter, Twitter, Hogwarts

Alright, so you weren’t quite right BUT I can get behind the results. Ravenclaw barely edged out Slytherin for that top slot, and there are several qualities in Ravenclaw that I can connect with to some degree. I mean, let’s start with the fact I’m a musician so creativity and the arts are obviously a massively important part of my life. Couple that with the fact that apparently I decided returning to college at 30 was a good idea, so apparently I do have an interest in knowledge and learning…

I admit I am a HUGE Harry Potter geek. I mean, to the extent when my husband and I moved into our new house one of my favourite parts is that I have a cupboard under the stairs. I convinced my husband that I’m allowed to decorate it up so long as he gets use of the top shelf or two…. So, that’s happening!

Those that know me, and nothing anything at all about Harry Potter, can tell you that I am proud to be part of Slytherin. That being said, I get some crazy reactions for saying so!


Why would you want to be part of THAT house?

Aren’t all Slytherin evil?

Don’t you want to be part of a ‘good’ house?

Boy, I’m glad I didn’t get THAT result!


Well, newsflash: I’m PROUD to be a Slytherin!


That’s right! I hold my head high strutting my stuff in my green lined robes, the snake-adorned crest on my chest. I mean sure, there’s strengths and weaknesses to every house, but I must say that throughout the books and the movies Slytherin develops quite the negative reputation!

Harry Potter, Slytherin, Hogwarts

It’s important to remember that the books are written from Harry’s point of view on things. When you are hearing opinions of which house is better, which people are worth making friends with, etc – this is all who he and his friends view as being such. It’s a biased opinion. There is nothing wrong with that! Everyone is entitled to their personal views and opinions. It just changes the idea that the opinions depicted in the story are ‘fact’. They are a young boy’s personal thoughts.

Sure… we have a dark past to the house, and there HAVE been some quite evil alumni come from the house, but not all those that graced that common room are bad! There’s Severus Snape, who ultimately gave his life in the name of good and love. Then there is Regulus Black. How can you view someone who showed the courage to stand up and deflect from the Death Eaters in an effort to vanquish one of the Horcruxes as an evil person? I could keep going, but I think you get my point!


Peter Pettigrew was a Gryffindor…. The house of all that is righteous… Think on that for a minute…


Slytherins are natural born leaders. We are driven and ambitious and are willing to do the work to ensure that we succeed when we set our sights on a goal. We are resourceful and cunning, and not afraid to analyze a situation enough to see just how to make it work for us, bettering our current situation.

We have a strong sense of self-preservation. This is what differentiates us largely from Gryffindor. While a Gryffindor will run into danger without so much as a thought (not even as to whether it is a danger they need to run into, they are adrenaline junkies) a Slytherin will stop, step back and analyze whether this is a battle worth fighting, and if so how to do so as to ensure that it is most beneficial both for ourselves and for those that we hold dear in the long run. This is in no way cowardly, this is smart! When we need to step up to protect the tight circle that we hold dear, try to hold a Slytherin back!

Those that are sorted into Slytherin are fierce and loyal to our inner circle. At the same time, however, we keep our inner circle tight. Quality over quantity!

Slytherins aren’t afraid to bend the rules when needed. We know what must be done in a situation, and will do so to get the result we want when all is said and done.

Harry Potter, Slytherin, Hogwarts

While Slytherins don’t actively seek out intelligence for the fun of learning, like a Ravenclaw, we are still highly intelligent and seek out knowledge. The difference is our purpose. We want the knowledge so that it can help to put us ahead of others.

A quote I came across on Pinterest and had to save because I loved it far too much: The reality is that Slytherins are Hufflepuffs with standards, Gryffindors with common sense and Ravenclaws with ambition.”

This Slytherin is going to keep holding her head high, proud of her house!


Have you done the Pottermore sorting quiz? What house have you been sorted into? Do you feel as though you genuinely connect with the traits of this house?