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Now that I have had a chance to get home and settled, the time has come to share my great vacation last week with all of you! A week of fun, sun, cold drinks and great company. Who could ask for more, right?

Just backing up a bit, I will start with how this specific vacation came together. How many of you have seen those contests that are run in your local bars, offering ballots each time you purchase the featured drink. They advertise such great prizes; it must be too good to be true. Right?

Wrong! Believe it or not some (I can’t speak for all) of these contests are actually the real deal! How do I know? I won a trip to Las Vegas!

So, we made our plans, connected with my American twin down in Las Vegas and got the ball rolling! On May 1st, we boarded a plane and were on our way! Watch out Vegas, here we come!

For those who missed it – we flew Spirit and I was HELL BENT determined that they weren’t going to stick me with any baggage fees. Thus began my challenge to pack everything that I would need for Las Vegas for one week in bag that would qualify as a ‘personal item’. You can read about that here.



When we stepped off the plane in beautiful Las Vegas we met up with Katey. She had messaged earlier that day asking if we would like a ride from the airport – OF COURSE! I mean really, she’s far more attractive than I could have hoped for calling a cab, and I wasn’t about to invite my cab driver out for lunch…. Or maybe I would, you’ll never know…

After a short detour, as Waze took us on the scenic route (anyone else addicted to Waze???? Please tell me I’m not alone), we were near the hotel and deciding on a lunch spot. What better place than Hooters? I know, you’re thinking ‘I’ve heard that their food isn’t actually any good’ but if that’s the case, you have been misled! I had heard this lie too, but let me tell you – somewhere between the deep-fried pickles and the amazing fish tacos I learned the truth.

Warning – the fish tacos did pack a little more punch than I had expected. Not that it was bad, it was good actually, I just didn’t anticipate it based on the menu…



We then swung over to the hotel. When we won the trip, the marketing company handling putting it all together gave us a short list of hotels to choose from. How did I make up my mind? The obvious answer – I put the decision in the hands of the local! The result was the first half of our trip booked at the Gold Coast, just off the strip.

The staff were super friendly as we checked in. The outside looked a little older, so I was concerned at first, but once we made our way up to our room I was greeted by a super modernized and updated hotel room! I must say, I was surprised!



The hotel isn’t on the strip, but they do offer a shuttle service for those that wish to spend their time taking in the sights. This wasn’t our first trip to Las Vegas (I shared a post already about the last time) so we had a slightly different bucket list this time around. That being said, we never did use the shuttle, so I can’t comment personally about it, but in speaking with some of the other guests while we were hanging out at the pool they all seemed to be pleased with their experiences.

The first full day was spent doing just that, 6 hours laying around the pool, taking in the sun, reading, and enjoying a much-needed break from life back home.



I had already scouted out the sports bar on our way down, and that was a given for dinner. After all, I wasn’t about to miss an Ottawa Senators playoff game! Fully relaxed from our sun filled day at the poolside we moved indoors for dinner, drinks and hockey. Ok, this is where I admit that the Sens lost that specific game BUT we did win that round of the series in the end, so I have already moved past that!



That evening Katey came to pick us up and take us for an evening in Fremont Street. When you first arrive, as an outsider anyway, you are quickly blown away by the lights – they are everywhere! The display is eye catching and exciting. If you stick around the praying mantis long enough for the show to start, you can experience a fiery display set to music.



We slowly made our way along, taking in all the site (and stopping for drinks along the way). Along the way you will find a number of buskers and street performers, we had to stop for pictures with a couple show girls because, well, when in Vegas….



Overall, it was a great time! We laughed and we drank, boy did we drink… The first half of the trip was both relaxing and a whirlwind of fun and excitement.  Now at the halfway mark, we checked out of our hotel, we would be staying at Katey’s house for part 2! Stay tuned for the conclusion of our Vegas adventures….

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? If so, what was your favourite experience?