My husband and I are starting our countdown to our May 2017 holiday in Las Vegas, and it only seemed fitting that I do another travel flashback post – this time sharing our first trip to Las Vegas in 2014. If you missed our on our previous flashback post, check it out! Travel Flashback: Tanzania and Mount Kilimanjaro

Note: All photos were taken on my cellphone at the time… In 2014 I didn’t exactly have the nicest phone with the best camera so the pictures are kinda iffy – please excuse their quality! 

Our first Vegas trip wasn’t one of those vacations you plan months in advance – it just came together with a series of little events.

Over the years I have become a very active member of a select few online forums and Facebook groups. Through these groups I have had the chance to make some AMAZING friends around the world. Vegas was first put on the table when one of these friends said, in passing, in a conversation in our Facebook group that anyone from the group was welcome to attend her upcoming Vegas wedding. I joked that I would ask my husband and we all laughed it off.

Well here is where the joke is on me.

One of the groups I have become VERY close to is my Sept 2012 Wives group. A few hundred ladies all came together on as we were all planning a wedding in September 2012. The forums were sometimes glitchy and unreliable, so we created our own Facebook group to make communication easier. Little did we know that today, almost a full 5 years later, there are still 70+ of us in the group. We have celebrated anniversaries, new houses and babies – We’ve held each other close facing the loss of loved ones and dealing with divorce. Through it all these ladies have become a tight community of good friends.

One other thing came from this group – some of the men ended up connecting. They started talking curious about what it was that had all us ladies constantly glued to our phones and computers talking to ‘the wives’. My husband got particularly close to one of the other husbands, and mentioned the idea of us going to Vegas. Before I knew it that couple was making the trip too and we were staying at the same hotel! Even better – one of our wives is a Vegas local!

So with that, in May 2014 we were off to Vegas for our first trip!

The flight we booked had a layover in Chicago. I posted it on the Wives group on the off chance that one or two of the ladies might be free to come say ‘Hi’ and possibly meet in person if we hadn’t yet. Well there were wives available and willing to do dinner during our layover…. Just a few of them…

Surely things couldn’t get better than that amazing gathering, right? Well that was only the start of a seriously memorable trip!

When we first arrived in Vegas we were off to a night at the Bar at Times Square to see the dueling pianos with our special local lady. I am a HUGE music lover, and a musician myself, so this was one of the things that was on my ‘must do’ list while there. It was the first time that I had the opportunity to meet this amazing lady face to face, and I am SO blessed to have done so! We had a BLAST together – and will be spending time with her again on this trip!

las vegas, drinks, girls and drinks, dueling pianos

One thing led to another – and two ladies that finally had the opportunity to meet in person TOTALLY lost track of time. I know at one point my husband said his goodnights and left for our room… at 6AM she and I realized it just might be time to consider a bit of a nap at least! We opted for one of the lower cost hotels given it was a last-minute trip – so we stayed at Excalibur and we were pleasantly surprised by our rooms considering the cost!

las vegas, vegas, exaclibur, exaclibur vegas, castle

The next day was a BEAUTIFUL day weather wise, which was great because it was time for a wedding! My husband and I got dressed for the wedding (which was to take place at Caesar’s) but knew we had time to spare, so we walked the strip for a bit, and settled in to enjoy a slushie in the gorgeous sunshine. Then it was time to share in this special day. The wedding was beautiful, the bride was gorgeous, and once again I finally had the opportunity to meet two more wonderful women in person that I had developed such special friendships with online.

The next day our other friends (including my husband’s ‘bromance’ partner) had arrived and we all planned a day of totally touristy sight seeing. Considering neither my husband or I had ever been there before the others were determined to make sure that we didn’t miss out on any of the typical tourist destinations – including the Las Vegas sign!

Dinner that eventing we all attended the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur. Now here is where I am going to let all of you currently planning trips to Las Vegas in on a little secret…. Its called My Vegas. This is a slots game on Facebook which is free to join, and free to play if you stick with the provided free chips. The best part is that you then can cash in on real prizes! This isn’t just in theory either – we cashed in for a few things on this trip like both of our tickets for Tournament of Kings! If you know you are planning on going, sign up now and cash in on free stuff!

We ended this epic tourist day with a trip with something that was on my personal to do list – Coyote Ugly! I mean really – who wants to miss the chance to dance on the famous Coyote Ugly stage??? We certainly weren’t going to!

The next couple days were a lot more casual. There was a lot of relaxing and exploring the hotels around us, and a little bit of fun with slot machine because we couldn’t go to Vegas and say we hadn’t gambled at all. My husband and I did go to see Zumanity (those tickets were also free from the My Vegas game referenced above). It was an absolutely hilarious show for anyone considering checking it out while you’re there! Be ready for a good laugh!

We even spent the better part of one full day just relaxing pool side taking in the beautiful sun and playing Cards Against Humanity. Now I don’t know if there is anyone who hasn’t heard about the game Cards Against Humanity by now, but if you haven’t its an adult version of Apples to Apples. I HIGHLY recommend it for a day of adult humour – but it can be a little dark and inappropriate for the younger crowd so I do suggest that you exercise caution if you have kids around!

As our trip came to an end we couldn’t believe it was already over! With hugs goodbye, we all vowed we would one day do this again…

hugs, friends, girl friends, bffs, friendship

True to our word we fly out May 1st! Watch out Vegas here we come!

Have you been to Las Vegas? What was your favourite things to do and/or see? What one tip would you give to a first time Las Vegas traveller?