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I was trying to decide what I wanted to blog today – there are a lot of nearly completed blogs in my drafts that I could easily finish up but this tag looked like too much fun!

I have had the opportunity to make some great blogging friends since I started Alternatively Speaking, and Sophie from Trafotoz is one of them. Her blog and her writing are beautiful and her personality is even more outstanding! She recently did the Top 5 Tag and I was one of the bloggers she named to do it next. Thanks for the tag Sofie! You can see her post here.

This tag was created by Hannah from A Tiny Girl’s Big World. She wanted to create a tag that would allow a little bit of an insight into the writer of their favourite blog. The idea of the tag is:

“There are a series of topics and you have to answer each one with 5 answers (Only once in your post can you add a sixth if you’re really stuck on a particular topic). This way, your readers have a chance to find out a little more about you and hopefully, they’ll be able to connect with you a little more when reading your other posts.”


5 Favourite Things to Do

  1. Playing saxophone and teaching music
  2. Spend quality time with friends and family
  3. Hiking/Camping (including the pups)
  4. Watch live concerts of all types
  5. Writing/Creating Content/Social Media/Blogging


5 Favourite Films

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. Full Metal Jacket
  3. Harry Potter (cheating by listing them all under one hahaha)
  4. Pirates of the Carribean (same way of cheating lol)
  5. The Great Gatsby


5 Favourite TV Shows

  1. Chicago Fire/PD/Med/Justice (although Fire is my favourite of them all)
  2. Ink Master
  3. Grey’s Anatomy
  4. Hockey Night in Canada (true Canadian here – Go, Sens Go!)
  5. Tattoo Nightmares


5 Favourite Songs (At the moment)

  1. Sweet Child of Mine – Guns N Roses (my favourite song of all time)
  2. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey (this one just makes me smile and sing along lol)
  3. O.B. – Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats (this one is just fun to shout out at the top of your lungs while driving)
  4. Tear in my Heart – Twenty One Pilots (this is my and my adopted daughter’s song haha)
  5. Dirt Road Anthem – Jason Aldean (can’t listen to this one without thinking of my sister in law – we declared this our song fairly early on)


5 Favourite Blogs to Read

  1. Life with Maria
  2. Midnight & Lace
  3. Poppyseeder
  4. Needles and Sins
  5. Mystic Mogwai


5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in the Next Year

  1. Getting my home office finished to give me that perfect home space for work
  2. Starting into the world of YouTube – I’ve tried a couple videos but never really given it a fair shake so I’ve decided I’m going to give that a go (the secret’s out)
  3. Celebrating with my bestie after the birth of my newest niece/nephew (Post baby party – Spa day here we come!)
  4. Summer vacation plans, while we aren’t totally sure where all we plan on going this year we are definitely going to get some traveling in
  5. Graduating finally from college. I had to agree to another term starting in January due to course availability, but that means I’ll be done before the summer!


5 Personal Facts About Me

  1. My pups are my kids – they mean the world to me and they are spoiled rotten! There is even a ‘dog room’ in our house which is 100% their room, where we put them if we are leaving them at home, with their food dishes, their own fan, etc.
  2. I went to University for Music (specifically the saxophone), and have now returned to college for a diploma in Business – Marketing.
  3. I have a black belt in martial arts. I studied Goju-Ryu throughout most of my childhood, earning my first-degree black belt at the age of 14 (and going from there)
  4. I teach music with a local marching band – Kingsville Essex Associated Band. They are the longest running community marching band in Canada. I love it and love ‘my kids.’
  5. I am a very creative person, LOVING any opportunity to take on a DIY project or craft – I crochet, knit (a little), sew (occasionally), draw, paint, and craft regularly. This is why I love doing DIY ‘how to’ style posts for all of you.


5 Best Memories (with pictures)

  1. Our wedding day – Sept 22, 2012. It POURED rain during the ceremony, so our outdoor wedding was moved into the boathouse. The rain stopped long enough that we could take pictures outside, with just light rain here and there (as you can see in the picture) but it picked back up during the reception and we had to turn the mics up to hear the speeches over the rain on the roof of the tent where our reception was held. That being said – it was a perfect day!

top 5 tag, blogger, blogging, blogger tag, wedding day, wedding

  1. Surprising my husband on our honeymoon by arranging for a ‘Trash the Dress’ style photoshoot in Cabo.

top 5 tag,blogger, blogging, blogger tag, Cabo

  1. We spent our first anniversary climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro raising money for Ovarian Cancer Canada. It was an AMAZING experience!

top 5 tag, blogger, blogging, blogger tag, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa

  1. My first time attending the Niagara Ice Wine Festival – which was so much fun we had to do it repeatedly (side note, Jenn – we are planning on returning this year!!!)

top 5 tag, blogger, blogging, blogger tag, Niagara on the Lake, Niagara Ice Wine Festival

  1. Having the opportunity to attend my first GTG with the Sept 2012 wives. For those who haven’t heard the story, when I was wedding planning I joined and got involved with my month board. This meant that everyone there was getting married in the same month – September 2012. We helped one another through the planning process, celebrated our weddings days both online (and in person in some cases, one attended my wedding) and the friendship continued. In the years that passed we have seen new houses, babies, new careers, divorces, remarriages, etc. – but the group (now a Facebook group) is still 72 members strong as of when I was writing this post. In Chicago (the picture) a number of us met up, but it’s still a small number compared to how many there really are!

top 5 tag, blogger, blogging, blogger tag


Finally… A little added extra:

My Role Model: I adore Pink as a celebrity, a role model, someone for young women to look up to, etc. She is unapologetically herself and shows such love and compassion for the world around her.

My Hero: I have a fascination with Nancy Wake. She was a British spy throughout World War II, working behind enemy lines. If you don’t know her story, it’s definitely worth checking out! At a time where women were still largely viewed as the weaker gender, she broke through this stereotype and set an amazing example for young women everywhere!


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