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I don’t usually jump on this whole Throwback Thursday trend, however a conversation with a good friend recently in regards to her upcoming nuptials and all the work she is putting into getting everything ready had me reminiscing hardcore. I realized that I got married well before starting this blog, and as such I never had the opportunity to share this big day with so many of you!

While I will admit I look back on this as an AMAZING day I do hesitate to use the phrase ‘the best day of my life’ as many insinuate their wedding will be… I would like to think its not just one big elaborate celebration, and then its all downhill from there!

That being said, I was so blessed to mark that new chapter and big step with all of our family and friends. I am even more blessed to do so with my partner in crime and best friend.

So without further adieu, lets talk a short walk down memory lane….

(Thank you to Danielle Tremblay Photography for our beautiful wedding photos)


We were married at the absolutely gorgeous and picturesque Taboo Resort, in Muskoka. We could not have asked for a more beautiful setting! My husband, the groomsmen and his family stayed the night before at a cottage off site, while I spent the night at the resort, in the bridal suite. The waterfront view from the patio on my suite was stunning!


Here’s where I admit, I was late getting to the ceremony. Not SUPER late, but just late enough that I apparently had a few people wondering where I was…. Yes, I stayed on the resort, I got ready on site at the resort BUT it was raining so we ended up needing shuttles and that ate into the time that we would have otherwise just walked over there in (hair and makeup in a downpour don’t scream fun times). Due to the rain my outdoor wedding got moved into the boathouse but it was still beautiful and we were surrounded by friends and family, so we wouldn’t have had it any other way. OK, I may have originally suggested eloping in Vegas… lol

We had a few details that I absolutely loved about our actual ceremony. There was the aisle runner where I hand painted our monogram, the memorial candles for both of our fathers, my friend who played ukulele and sang while we were signing our lives away (kidding!) and last, but DEFINITELY not least, the fact my little brother walked me down the aisle.


We took a TON of pictures. The first round were all taken inside the building, simply because it allowed us to all stay in where it was dry while it was still raining…


After which the rain subsided long enough for my husband and I to get some absolutely stunning photos together. Oh, and yes those are rain boots you see in the picture! A good friend who lives in New Zealand now couldn’t be there but when I was on the search for red rain boots after seeing it was going to rain, she sent these over and I was sure to include them in the pictures!


Following the pictures we moved over to the golf side of the resort where we had our reception. I need to preface these pictures by telling you all how much I LOVED my wedding coordinator!!!! Nicole was AMAZING, she made everything so stress free for me throughout the process, and I am thankful to this day that I had her to work with!

The food was amazing, the DJ was on fire and the party was a BLAST! Celebrating with the most important people in both of our lives, I loved every second (maybe a little too much because we slept in the next morning missing our flight for our honeymoon and had to rebook haha). Our cake was made by the ever so talented Chantal from Chantal’s Cakes, and the reception dress I changed in to (to avoid destroying my actual dress, which was my mother’s wedding gown that my sister then modified for me) was from Light in the Box. For anyone debating knock off sites, I have had a great experience on many different items with this site, just be sure that you take measurements and pay attention to their sizing chats because its different from the sizes I usually roll with.


Thank you again to everyone who made this day so perfect and memorable. Thank you also to all of you who joined me for this fun walk down memory lane.

What is your favourite memory from your wedding? If you had to choose one small detail from any wedding you’ve attended, which stood out to you?