Instagram, Instagram Challenge, #IGChal

The topic of Instagram, the frustrations that it poses many of us in the blogging world and the new algorithms that are, quite honestly, driving us all nuts has been a hot topic in the blogging community. Each of us is looking for the answer, that magic advice that will make this platform work, however, there is no clear cut simple fix. To put it quite honestly, it’s going to be a lot of work and dedication for those that are looking to succeed in that area.

One of the biggest steps that you can take is to produce regular, high-quality content. Keep active, keep engaging and give people a reason to want to engage with you! Sounds easy, right? Not for many! Trying to come up with content each and every day can be difficult. There is totally a creative block similar to writerโ€™s block when it comes to figuring out what pictures to post.


Enter: The Instagram Challenge

Instagram Challenge, Instagram, #IGChal


This is a challenge that is open to any blogger or social media influencer out there. The purpose is simple โ€“ provide each of us with inspiration to post daily while connecting us for support and encouragement.

Each day I will share a daily prompt on Twitter using the hashtag #IGChal. I will also update the Instagram Challenge page on my blog with the most recent prompts for those that would rather follow along there. Taking this prompt, which will be a general idea, topic or vague concept, each blogger, and social media influencer is challenged to go out and come up with their photo of the day, adding their own creative, unique spin to the topic, sharing it on their own account and using the hashtag #IGChal.


For Example:

Instagram, Instagram Challenge, #IGChal


Participants are also encouraged to follow the hashtag and engage with one another. The blogging community has always been hugely supportive of one another, and this is another chance to pull together and help one another grow!

Each week, on Saturday, I will post a summary on my blog including some of my favourite images from the week. Pay attention, you may just get a mention! This will include the funniest, prettiest, most unique and most creative creations of the week!

Do you have suggestions for potential prompt ideas? I have a Whatsapp group dedicated to the challenge, where participants can bounce ideas off one another, provide support and encouragement, and share suggestions with me for the days to come. Participants in this group are asked to be supportive and active, as well as committed to taking part in the challenge (I do understand that there may be days that you are unable to participate as life happens, by committed I mean participating as often as possible). If you are interested in this group, please message me on Twitter or email me at


The challenge will launch with the first prompt on September 1st, so stay tuned!


Are you going to be joining us on the Instagram Challenge? What are you hoping to gain from the challenge? I would love to hear in the comments below!