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Nearly every pet owner understands the frustration that is shedding season – that magical time of the year when you could make a whole second dog out of just the fur that you brushed out today, knowing that you will somehow get just as much hair when you brush your pup again tomorrow

Please tell me that I’m not the only one that wonders how that much hair can come out of just one dog day after day!!!!

pets, dogs, pet hair, dog hair, pet owner

Not only does this mean that we have to brush are dogs ALL the time to stay on top of it, but there is also all the extra housework that comes with it. You can sweep and vacuum for days, and still find dog hair tufts floating under the couch.


With that in mind, here are some of my favourite go-to cleaning tricks for dealing with pet hair:


Use a Roll of Tape to Pick Up Loose Pet Hairs

Ever had that moment when you’re all dressed and ready to go, only to realize that your pup decided to brush against you coming down the stairs and now you can’t find a lint brush anywhere? I will regularly reach for a roll of packing tape, wrap it around my hand and it works just as well! This will also work for taking pet hair off your furniture.


Dryer Sheets are Your Secret Weapon

If you try to dust you’ll find that dog hair often flies up into the air, spreading everywhere. It just never seems to play right… Dryer sheets attract and hold onto the hair while you’re cleaning, making it MUCH easier to clean furniture and baseboards. A damp dryer sheet will also work to remove hair from your clothing.


Give a Window Squeegee a Try!

While a window squeegee is the obvious choice to clean the puppy nose art from your windows, it can also help to remove hair from carpets and furniture! Just run it along the surface as if you are cleaning a window and you’ll end up with a nice big pile of dog hair.


A Damp Mop Will Take Care of Your Floors

Now disclaimer, a Swiffer is a great product and works like a charm. That being said, I have a ‘German Shedder’ (aka German Shepherd) in the house so during shedding season a Swiffer cloth just isn’t enough to do it – not unless I want to go through multiple just to work my way through the house (our house is all hardwood and vinyl). Instead I use a damp mop and it works the same way. Notice that I said damp, not wet… You aren’t fully mopping the floor; you are just using the mop to attract and pick up the pet hair.


Don’t Want to Use a Map, Try a Rubber Broom

Another option, that will work just like the damp mop mentioned above, is a rubber broom. The rubber will allow you to gather the hair up in the same way that the squeegee worked, just on a larger scale.


A Pair of Rubber Gloves or a Damp Sponge Will Take Care of Furniture

Still trying to fight through the hair collection on your couch? Can’t get a squeegee to fit into the space you need? Throw on a pair of rubber gloves and run your hands along your furniture to easily gather the hair up. Don’t have rubber gloves available? A damp sponge will also work.


What are your go to cleaning tricks for dealing with pet hair? Have I missed any? If so, I would love if you could share them in the comments!