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Back in June, I wrote a post outlining a bucket list for this summer – 150 things I wanted to do for Canada 150. There were some big items, some smaller items, and everything in between… A list designed to motivate and inspire me to really enjoy this summer with the people I love, living in the moment!

Recently in talking with a number of you, there is a curiosity as to how I am doing in completing this list, and so I decided it was time for an update!

On the last count, I have completed 61 of the 150 items on the list to date. I have also planned a 5-day vacation with my husband up in the Muskoka area of Ontario which will knock another 30 items off the list. This means that I am well on my way of getting through most if not all of the items on the list!

Interested in some of the highlights? I have taken some photographs and written some summaries to share some of the completed items with you here!


#29 – Curl Up by the Pool with a Good Book

reading, read, book, reading by the pool, reading outdoors

This is one of those bucket list items that has happened a few times, and I think will continue to! I have also taken a chance (I know, big risk, book lovers don’t kill me) of floating around on my chair floatie reading while floating in the pool! What can I say, I LOVE reading and find it incredibly relaxing, so it’s a perfect way to spend my time off!

On a side note, I am always open to new book recommendations! To give you an idea of what kind of books I like I recently finished (and loved) Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, and I am a HUGE Harry Potter lover.


#1 – Watch Fireworks


As I have shared on here before, we have an AMAZING fireworks display nearby with the Detroit River Ford Fireworks each year. The cities of Windsor, Ontario, and Detroit, Michigan collaborate to put on an amazing show over the river, viewable from both sides, set off on 3 separate barges.

People travel from all over to enjoy the festivities, hotels sell out and the riverfront is PACKED. Every year my brother and sister-in-law pack of my nieces and make the trip down to enjoy the fireworks with us. It’s one of those family traditions that I LOVE – spending time with the girls, and watching their faces during the show itself!

fireworks, Canada Day, fireworks display

Please excuse these photos – they were taken in low light on my iPhone so they definitely aren’t the same quality as most of the photos I share on here, but I wanted to include this in my highlights so badly!


#23 – Celebrate Canada Day with Friends

Canada Day, Canada 150, marching band, parade

As I recently revealed, I am an instructor with a local marching band. I LOVE this role, both teaching the kids that come to learn how to play an instrument as well as acting as the band’s photographer when we were on parade. As I’m sure you can imagine, Canada Day was a busy day for us – the band did not one but two different parades, one in the morning and one later in the late afternoon.

While I wasn’t sitting at a BBQ somewhere or participating in some festival downtown, I definitely believe that this counts! I consider a number of the musicians in the senior band (made up of ages spanning from elementary school, through high school and quite a few adults) as well as my fellow instructors to be friends for sure! The day involved catching a bus bright and early, traveling to the first parade, doing lunch together afterward, traveling to parade 2 and then the bus trip home.

It was a full day spent doing what we all love, with great people! It was a great way to spend the holiday!


#83 – Enjoy an Iced Coffee

 iced coffee, coffee, iced drinks, summer drinks

Every year when the summer heat hits I scrap my usual coffee and tea options for iced versions, enjoying my ‘must have’ caffeinated drinks but in a cool, refreshing way. This year not only did I begin cold brewing my tea and coffee to enjoy sitting out in my back yard, but I also shared an Iced Coffee recipe for anyone that wanted to enjoy it as well!


#12 – Visit Canada’s Wonderland and #48 – Ride a Roller Coaster

 canada's wonderland, amusement park, wonderland

This year the marching band traveled to Canada’s Wonderland where they performed marching through the park in the morning and then spent the remainder of the day in the park. This included the band members, instructors, volunteers and family members that wanted to tag along.

canada's wonderland, amusement park, wonderland

It was a nice day, although the heat of the sun combined with the action of marching had us all eager to cool off as soon as the performance was over. We started the day of rides with some water rides, cooling us off and leaving the group feeling refreshed! After cooling off on Timberwolf Falls and White Water Canyon we moved onto other rides as a group including Leviathan, Behemoth, Vortex, Backlot Stunt Coaster and even the Antique Carrousel. It was a great day!


#46 – Find a Pen Pal

pen pal, colouring, coloring

This was one of those list options that should have been easy to check off but I kept putting off doing so until I saw a couple people I was following talking about pen pals on Twitter. Following their lead, and talking with someone about my desire to find a pen pal, I put a post up telling everyone that I was looking for one… It took no time at all before I had a reply from someone that I had already connected with online which was super exciting! I ran out looking for stationery and ended up purchasing some colour your own greeting cards which I was working on this week! I can’t wait to go pick up a couple little surprises and send off my first letter!


Do you have a bucket list for your summer plans? What have you been up to so far this summer?