beer, craft beer, Sandwich Brewing Co.

One of the aspects that I have grown to love about living in Windsor/Essex is the number of local wineries, breweries and distilleries available in our backyard. From the amazing wine circuit (you can even hop an old-fashioned trolley to tour them) to the Wolfhead Distillery, it’s all just a stone’s throw away. This week a new location opened up that immediately caught my eye – The Sandwich Brewing Co.

For those that haven’t already learned through my social media accounts, my husband has now started a blog called The Intoxicated Review with his buddy Jack. They specifically discuss and review craft beers, a passion for both of them. What better place for us to head out to for a date night then to check out the new craft beer location?

beer, craft beer, Sandwich Brewing Co.

So last night we decided to head into Windsor and give it a try. Located in Old Sandwich Town, over on Sandwich Street, it is found next to the Rock Bottom Bar and Grill, another well known hang out spot (also owned by the Sekelas). In fact, one of the flagship beers for the new Sandwich Brewing Co. has already been available at Rock Bottom leading up to this point.

When we got there, we found out that they had already sold out of 2 out of the 6 beers! Perusing the beer list, reading through the 4 remaining beers, we decided to go ahead and order the flight of 4. After all, why just try one when we could try all 4?

Unfortunately, one of the beers that were sold out was the one that I wanted to try the most, the Blood Orange American wheat beer. I guess that’s just an excuse for us to head back there again sometime soon!

The staff were extremely upbeat and kind, we were barely getting seated when we had someone there to take care of us. The atmosphere was very casual and modern, creating a very comfortable and laidback vibe. Where we sat I was facing the bar, behind which you could see the tanks from the brewery which was fun to check out.

We decided we couldn’t really do a review of the place without also checking out some of the platters that they had available. There were a few options with various meats and cheeses, fresh pretzels and even a vegan platter. We decided, due to my love of Brie, to grab the ‘Beautiful Brie’ platter which included brie, walnuts, chocolate, honey, olives, strawberries and so much more. It was the perfect compliment to the beer.

beer, craft beer, Sandwich Brewing Co.

Finally, I can’t talk about visiting a brewery without talking about the beer! You can get a much more detailed over on my husband’s blog (check out his post HERE) but here’s my quick overview of the 4 that we tried, in order of my favourite to my least favourite.

Big Investment (Double IPA): This was my favourite of the beers that we had, although I have always been an IPA girl. It was very smooth and went down easily, making it the perfect beer for a night out relaxing with friends, or just to enjoy while kicking your feet up at home. My husband actually picked up a growler of this one to take home, so we could enjoy it another night.

South of the Border (Porter): I am not usually super into porters, but the chocolate taste that came through on this one was just spot on. It’s hard to explain, but it just tasted ‘right.’ The explanation said that there were subtle hints of coffee as well, although I will admit that I wasn’t picking up on those. I could definitely see myself heading in to enjoy this one again.

Stepping Stone (Canadian Pale Ale): While I love my pale ales, this one was a little hoppier than I generally prefer. It went down fairly smooth with the platter that we were enjoying, but the lingering hoppy taste was one that I could have done without personally.

Ruby Sue (Canadian Dark Mild): It wasn’t that I disliked this beer per say, it just wasn’t really my taste. I don’t often select darker beers when given the option, and this one fits into that pattern. I think that was likely the first and last time I’ll be drinking this one, its just not for me.

beer, craft beer, Sandwich Brewing Co.

Overall, I really enjoyed our night out! We have already been talking about heading back again with some friends for a fun evening out. Hopefully, they’ll have that blood orange beer wheat beer available when we do…

What type of beer do you usually lean towards? Do you prefer bigger name beers or craft beers?