coffee, instant coffee, nescafe

My husband and I have always been coffee and tea addicts – but our fast-paced lifestyle, and our love for camping, often makes it a challenge to make sure that beautiful hot cup of energy is in our hands in time to start our days right!

I was browsing Twitter when I saw an ad come up offering free samples for Nescafe Sweet & Creamy instant coffee. I was previously VERY anti instant coffee simply because I have never found one that didn’t make me gag, but if I didn’t like it it’s not like I paid anything for it, right?

I want to clarify at this time, these samples were available for anyone that signed up while supplies last. The company did not send me these samples directly in exchange for a review, nor are they aware I decided to write this based on the samples that I signed up for.


coffee, instant coffee, nescafe


It took awhile for them to arrive, which isn’t uncommon with mass free samples like this, so I had forgotten about them entirely when I opened the mailbox to find the little red package.

Let’s start with the packaging – The product comes in individual sachets of coffee. In looking into the full packages available for purchase on the Nescafe site this wasn’t just for the samples. The packages are sealed well, which is great because there is nothing worse than having something you toss in your bag blow up and create a huge, unnecessary mess! They are the perfect size to pack away for a camping trip, toss in your hiking bag or drop in your purse before heading out the door.


coffee, instant coffee, nescafe


Now onto the important part – taste. From my experience, instant coffee all has one thing in common, a harsh and bitter taste. I was prepared for that once again here. Now that samples included both the original and the french vanilla varieties. I decided I would go straight for the real stuff and give the original a try. I have to admit; I was pleasantly surprised! If anything, it was too sweet. I normally drink my coffee black and the taste was almost as if some sugar had been added to my mug.

Moving onto the french vanilla, the sweetness was ten-fold, although that was to be expected. It tasted less like a flavoured coffee and more like a french vanilla cappuccino that you would pick up from Tim Hortons (although not quite the same, not quite as good in my opinion).

Neither variety stood out to me as some spectacular taste, but they also weren’t horrible in the least! While I wouldn’t stock them for my daily coffee here at home, where I have the conveniences of my Keurig on hand. That being said, I have never found an instant I didn’t hate so it would be a perfect camping option!


coffee, instant coffee, nescafe


There was one last test before I was going to be tossing Nescafe packs in my camping gear this summer… It needed the approval of the bigger coffee addict in my life – my husband! The sample package came with two packs of the original, so I set one aside for him to try the next day.

He said to tell all of you that he too found it a little sweeter than he had expected, however it was missing the usual ‘instant coffee’ taste that he was expecting. He did report that it gave him a bit of heartburn as his day went on, however he is all for adding them to our camp ‘must pack’ list!

So if you are looking for an easy coffee on the go – Look no further! Perfect for that quick coffee when you aren’t around all our modern conveniences!

Have you tried Nescafe Sweet and Creamy? What is your opinion? Love it or hate it?