Halloween, dogs, halloween costumes, protect your pup on halloween, pup

It’s finally here – My favourite holiday of the year! Halloween! You’re probably already deciding on a costume, putting up Halloween decorations and purchasing bucket loads of candy in preparation for all of the trick-or-treaters that you anticipate knocking on your door! Throughout the excitement of the season, there is one important topic that is often overlooked: How to keep your pup safe during the Halloween season!

I recently came across the website PuppySpot and their amazing infographic they had created including a wealth of information about celebrating Halloween in a way that keeps your four-legged family members safe. A great website focused on connecting prospective pet parents with reputable breeders and their adorable pups, they were interested in getting this information into the hands of as many loving dog moms and dads as they could.

I know that with Dav’s laundry list of food allergies we are SUPER conscientious of what items she has access to in our home, however even I will admit that reading through this information sent me double checking some of our decorations.  Ok, confession, I was sitting on the floor with her in the middle of my living room ensuring that anything decoration wise was up and out of her reach even though I KNEW that we did take that into consideration while hanging it up…. You can’t be too careful, right?

Halloween, dogs, halloween costumes, protect your pup on halloween, pup, protect your pup

Halloween in our home is a HUGE one (in case you haven’t already picked that up form everything else I have written). There are, however, a few careful considerations that go into making sure that our pups are happy and safe throughout the celebrations. I LOVE getting pictures of them in costumes for each season, and Halloween is the holiday of costumes so it’s definitely no exception! We keep the costumes just to a short photo session, after all, we don’t want them to be bothered or irritated by keeping something on like a hat. Plus, although Dav is actually 9 ½ years old now she has the energy of a 2-year-old pup, there is no slowing that girl down and a costume would only restrict her ability to run and play the way that she wants to.

We live in a cute little town, just off the main road. This means that we are going to have quite a few adorable little visitors coming and going the night of Halloween. While neither of my dogs are, by any means vicious (Dav might lick you to death, and Indy may just pee on you in excitement… No joke), I have come to learn that Halloween is a little too much for them. They become overwhelmed with all the outside stimulation. For this reason, rather than having them out and about, we keep them secluded to an area of the home that is away from the front door. That’s incredibly easy in the new house as we can simply gate off the stairs keeping them upstairs where they will have access to our bedroom, the spare bedroom and the puppy room (yep, they have their own room) – plenty of space to run and play if they choose to do so, but also an area where they will feel safe and protected in their own home.

It can be tempting, especially for first-time dog owners, to show off your pup to everyone and their mother the night of Halloween showing off their cute, over the top costume – but it’s important to remember that it is our responsibility to keep them safe! There is a reason that the local rescue organizations and Humane Societies are reminding owners to keep their pets safely secured in their homes each Halloween, the number of pets who are lost in the excitement and energy of the holiday is sadly far too high! Just a few simple steps can keep your furry loved one safe and sound!

Halloween, dogs, halloween costumes, protect your pup on halloween, pup, protect your pup


What steps do you take to keep your pup safe during the holidays? Do you dress your dog up for Halloween? If so, what costumes has he/she worn?