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As those of you are aware who follow me on social media, I just returned from a beautiful week long vacation in Las Vegas with my husband. We spent time laying in the sun by the pool, perusing the local attractions and even hiking the Grand Canyon (I promise, there is a recap coming, I just need to go through my vacation photos first).

What many of you don’t know is just how badly I burn. Now I don’t mean spend far too much time out in the sun and your skin starts to turn a light shade of red – No you see my ancestry is a mixture of Scottish an Irish, and thanks to my ancestors I don’t tan, I can’t tan…. I go from Casper the Ghost to crispy ass lobster in no time at all!

I will say I am generally REALLY good about the use of my sunscreen products. No one wants to look like a crispy ass lobster all the time after all, right? Besides, IT HURTS! The problem is despite my best efforts most products fail me. I can remember returning from my honeymoon so burnt on the top of my legs (ATV excursion in shorts) that I could barely walk – and I had applied SPF 65 sunscreen that entire vacation diligently.

So as we prepared for our recent vacation I was scouting out the local drug store weighing my options when I came across this.

sunscreen, sun, sunglasses


Now I already know what you are going to say  – there is a ton of information out there on the internet that says after a specific number (it changes depending on the article) all the higher SPF means is more chemicals. Here’s the thing – this stuff works!

I have never had a product work SO well in my life. We spent 6 hours laying in direct sunlight just enjoying a 104F day by the poolside, with the occasional dip in the pool to cool down. Approximately every 1 1/2 to 2 hours I reapplied, or right after each time I was in the pool, and I walked away unscathed with nothing but an enjoyable day by the pool to speak of.

The packaging states that it is dermatologist recommended. I didn’t, however, research any further into that, so if you’re interested go for it and feel free to share what you find! It also refers to it as ‘dry-touch sunscreen’ with claims of being ‘ultra-light’ and ‘quick-absorbing’. Once again, I was skeptical. In my experience all the sunscreens that came close to working made me feel like a human grease-ball. Once again, it didn’t let me down!

So when all is said and done, I highly recommend this product to all my fair skinned ladies out there!

Do you have a go to product when you are hitting the beach? Are you also a member of the fair skinned, easily burned club?