When I went through my adolescence I was surprisingly lucky on the acne front. I saw friends breaking out all over, but, for whatever reason, I was spared the embarrassment with only the occasional pimple creeping up to ‘ruin my day’.

I do strongly believe this is why I never developed a good skin care routine – with a naturally clear complexion I didn’t have to worry. Plus, lets be honest, if we aren’t facing something directly as a teenager, then we are invincible and it will never come to impact us in any way, right? A clear face as a teen OBVIOUSLY meant I would have no issues with my skin as an adult!

Well… Joke’s on me!

Due to a number of changes in my life, specifically those in the area of my personal health, my hormones are all over the place, and the beautiful result has been a constant battle with acne starting in my mid 20’s. For anyone else who is out there trying to manage adult acne, you know the struggle is real!

I have tried a number of products, most of which have been nothing more than a waste of my time and money honestly. The problem with being desperate to find a solution is that the desperation can blind your decisions. It didn’t matter to me how many products failed, I was determined to keep trying anything, just in case that next item happens to be the one that works right with my skin and my own struggles.

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Just over a month ago someone recommend the Clean & Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit. I was super skeptical, but at the same time excited and hopeful that this might just be the one.

Note: I picked up this product on my own, out of my own pocket. I am not being paid to write this post, I was not sent a sample of the product, and the company is not aware that I am currently sharing this. This is entirely my opinion of a product I purchased for my own personal use. 

I have now been using the product (somewhat) for 30 days. I say somewhat because I do want to be honest with you guys that I have not been entirely successful in using it daily as recommended. Some days I forget, or get too busy, and my motivation to stick to a schedule fell COMPLETELY off track while I was in Las Vegas on vacation.

That being said, after 30 days of close to dedicated use I am shocked at how well it is working! I do have a couple pimples still, my face is not 100% clear, but I recently was willing to head out in public without taking all the time tied to my makeup back ensuring that I cover everything up.

This has been a HUGE boost to my self esteem and self image. If you are currently battling with acne, whether as an adolescent, or as an adult, please don’t be discouraged! Each of us has our own unique needs, so I can’t guarantee this product will work for you the way it did with me, but I will say I believe it is definitely worth a try. If this isn’t the right product for you, the product is out there!

We live in a world where we are constantly judging one another, and judging ourselves, for every little flaw or struggle. Don’t let this define you!

If you are interested in trying the product, it can be purchased on Amazon.ca!

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