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There was a time that I was completely on top of the goals posts, sharing my monthly goals each and every month without fail. Unfortunately, I apparently dropped the ball, as my last goal post was in July. As I start running with the Blogtober posts I realized this is a great time to pick this back up again!

Due to the big gap, there really are now recent goals to look at and assess whether I am on the right track or not, so I am going to draw a line in the sand and start fresh with October. I mean, what better time of year for a fresh start? Who needs New Year’s resolutions when you have Halloween motivation???


So here they are, my October goals:

  • Return to a regular blogging routine. Over the last few months, my blogging routine has slipped slightly as I have been focusing on other areas in my life. I’m not saying that like it’s a bad thing because it’s not. In fact, it’s exactly what I needed to do in that moment! I am going to use Blogtember as the kickoff to getting back into a new routine again. I haven’t decided exactly what that blogging schedule is going to look like, but I have a month to figure it out!


  • Organization a collaboration. I don’t necessarily know what I want to collaborate on or who I want to collaborate with at this stage, although I do have some ideas, but I know that I want to put my head together with another blogger and come up with something great!


  • Start organizing something for Blogmas. I don’t know whether I will commit to posting every single day like I am doing for Blogtober, but I will definitely figure out something for the holidays! Maybe I will run a 12 Days of Christmas themed routine, or come up with some sort of fun giveaway. I have some time to think it through!


  • Focus on Pinterest. I have said time and time again that I want to focus on using Pinterest as a means of advertising my blog, and I think it’s time that I get on doing that! Pinterest is an AMAZING platform for this type of promotion and the fact I haven’t taken the time to get running with it has been a loss of opportunity.


  • Guest blog on someone else’s blog. I have focused on whether or not I want to have guest bloggers on my blog, however, I think it would be a great experience to write a blog for someone else’s blog!


So, there we go! I feel like this month’s goals are all highly attainable and realistic, I just need to start working on them and putting the effort into it!

Do you set goals to keep yourself motivated? If so, what are some of your October goals?