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Recently the clothing retailer Boohoo launched their new marketing campaign focused around their new hashtag, #ALLGIRLS. The campaign included a video with the caption ‘#ALLGIRLS has dropped and it’s all about inclusivity and girl power, created by an ALL girl crew. Boohoo is for all girls #allgirls’

In the video, they showed a number of different women showing off their latest boohoo fashion. This is where they lost me…. Inclusivity? Really? Sure, the video showed some different hair colours, shorter/taller women, a quick flash of a pregnant woman and women rocking some pretty awesome (I’ve got to say) tattoos…

But they missed the mark! Regardless of their attempt to show variation the first thing that stood out to me was that every woman they showed was still your slender, beautiful, able bodied woman They were still the models and actresses that grace television and magazine ads everywhere…


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Now I’m not saying I’m against the IDEA of the campaign, not in the slightest! I am in love with the idea that some day a clothing retailer will genuinely put a campaign together that does exactly what this campaign claimed it would do… I would LOVE to see a video showcasing these lovely ladies, the alternative/punk ladies, and the geeky ladies. I would be BEYOND happy to see white women, dark skinned women, Asian women and brown women all together in a single campaign. It would make my day to see a campaign that embraced petite, normal and plus sized women all together, finally portraying them as equally beautiful – because they are!!!!! It would warm my heart to see a brand embrace disabled women, trans women and those who identify as gender fluid…


I would love to see REAL inclusivity!!!!


The topic of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance has recently been taking the blogging world by storm with the impending launch of the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign by @JohnRdtoVol. Bloggers are beginning to call the industry out for being so focused on a specific, stereotypical view of what a ‘good’ blogger would be, but this campaign from Boohoo illustrates the fact that this problem is even bigger than that!

Society will never change unless we put our voices together and demand it. Take part in campaigns like #ILiveItIBlogIt (the teaser video launches today!!!). Speak your mind. Call brands and individuals out for missing the mark and failing to include inclusivity in their efforts. Don’t be silenced! Put your money where your morals lie, supporting brands that practice inclusivity instead of those who don’t.


Together we can make a difference – but it is going to take all of us!

34 thoughts on “Not #ALLGIRLS”

  • Boohoo is literally my favourite place to shop but I completely agree, they really didn’t hit the mark with this one, no point in trying to claim you have diversity when you really don’t!!! These retailers will learn eventually…I hope!

    I loved this by the way xx

    • That’s just it – if you were going to just do a campaign with slender, model type women, then just do a basic ad campaign, but don’t claim it’s all about every woman and inclusivity when you’re only representing such a small group!

  • I completely agree with you. For some reason some companies thing being inclusive means one thing, but it’s a much broader spectrum. Women come in so many forms, but companies still seem to want the “most beautiful” agency models, when they can pull a bunch of real women off the streets and use them in a campaign that would better show diversity. But that’s just the way I see it.

    • I completely agree! Could you imagine how excited and quick to jump on board a huge portion of the female population would be if someone was able to truly portray REAL LIFE WOMEN in their ad campaign – We’ve moved on from the days where it was all about watching perfect models walking the runway for our day to day purchases if you ask me!

  • Awesome point! Even when stuff is campaigned to plus size women, it’s still sometimes not really all that plus sized! Sure they’re bigger than regular models, which is cool. But still not very big girls! LOVE the point about disabled women as well! Would be so cool to see. Trans and gender fluid as well.

    I bet plus size men would appreciate more marketing to them as well! I feel like plus size chicks and the whole LGBTQ+ communities are making awesome progress lately! I bet bigger, shorter, and/or not super muscle-y men would like to be represented too!

    • It kills me when you see a plus sized clothing line being marketed with women who wouldn’t fit into the clothing because they are actually too small!

  • I totally agree with you Britt. I thought the same when I saw the campaign, I also like the fact that it’s a diverse campaign in terms of race but as a clothing company a variety of different shapes and sizes would be nice to see as well.
    Charlie xx

  • I think progress is progress, no matter how far down the scale it reaches. The ideas you mention will no doubt come with time, thanks to campaigns such as this. And it’ll be a very happy day when they do!

    • Honestly in comparison with what other companies consider regular marketing I wouldn’t rate this as much progress on the execution. The idea was great, but it all bombed from there in my opinion.

  • [ Smiles ] Although Boohoo did not go about it the right way, they meant well.

    Now, I clearly understood where you were coming from; the fashion label used picture-perfect models instead of using the average looking woman.

    The God’s truth is, that professional models will always be hired for fashion shoots (The modelling agency sees to it that their women are hired for those jobs).

    • As I said, the idea was great, the execution is where it fell apart. Honestly, I don’t think it will always be that way – I feel like with enough pressure it can change, but it will take people standing up and making their opinions known.

  • As a full-figured woman, these kinds of ads can be frustrating… and hurtful. Am I not part of #allgirls? Even when I’m not carrying extra weight I feel frustrated because, while I love my shape (longer legs, hips, a bit of a bum broad shoulders and chest) I am still buying large and extra large because of unrealistic vanity sizing.

    I stopped reading beauty magazines when I was 14 because I thought they made people feel bad about how they looked. I still feel that way. Something needs to change and speaking out against this campaign of inclusovity for all models is a great place to start.

    • I feel as though it is time that things change, but they won’t if we don’t put pressure on the industry to do something! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    • It does! There is so much more to inclusivity than just ethnicity, and their inability to see that is costing them what could have been a HUGE opportunity!

  • the world is moving so fast with trans gender equality and other things but one thing thats being left behind is this horrible notion that bigger women cant enjoy fashion, we must be doomed to be frumpy.

    hurry up fashion world! catch up

    • I agree – there have been so many leaps and bounds taken and it’s like the fashion world isn’t even trying…

  • I agree so much with this. I don’t shop with BooHoo anymore as they completely messed up one of my orders. But yeah, they shouldn’t claim to be diverse when they’re not!!

    • I mean if you wanna just use normal models just do a normal marketing campaign – don’t claim to be something it’s not

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