Recently the clothing retailer Boohoo launched their new marketing campaign focused around their new hashtag, #ALLGIRLS. The campaign included a video with the caption ‘#ALLGIRLS has dropped and it’s all about inclusivity and girl power, created by an ALL girl crew. Boohoo is for all girls #allgirls’

In the video, they showed a number of different women showing off their latest boohoo fashion. This is where they lost me…. Inclusivity? Really? Sure, the video showed some different hair colours, shorter/taller women, a quick flash of a pregnant woman and women rocking some pretty awesome (I’ve got to say) tattoos…

But they missed the mark! Regardless of their attempt to show variation the first thing that stood out to me was that every woman they showed was still your slender, beautiful, able bodied woman They were still the models and actresses that grace television and magazine ads everywhere…


boohoo, diversity, inclusivity, #ALLGIRLS


Now I’m not saying I’m against the IDEA of the campaign, not in the slightest! I am in love with the idea that some day a clothing retailer will genuinely put a campaign together that does exactly what this campaign claimed it would do… I would LOVE to see a video showcasing these lovely ladies, the alternative/punk ladies, and the geeky ladies. I would be BEYOND happy to see white women, dark skinned women, Asian women and brown women all together in a single campaign. It would make my day to see a campaign that embraced petite, normal and plus sized women all together, finally portraying them as equally beautiful – because they are!!!!! It would warm my heart to see a brand embrace disabled women, trans women and those who identify as gender fluid…


I would love to see REAL inclusivity!!!!


The topic of diversity, inclusivity, and acceptance has recently been taking the blogging world by storm with the impending launch of the #ILiveItIBlogIt campaign by @JohnRdtoVol. Bloggers are beginning to call the industry out for being so focused on a specific, stereotypical view of what a ‘good’ blogger would be, but this campaign from Boohoo illustrates the fact that this problem is even bigger than that!

Society will never change unless we put our voices together and demand it. Take part in campaigns like #ILiveItIBlogIt (the teaser video launches today!!!). Speak your mind. Call brands and individuals out for missing the mark and failing to include inclusivity in their efforts. Don’t be silenced! Put your money where your morals lie, supporting brands that practice inclusivity instead of those who don’t.


Together we can make a difference – but it is going to take all of us!