Over the course of the past year, I have made some significant changes in my life, particularly in the area of my career. Having previously worked in an office setting, I finally found the courage (with a lot of encouragement and support from friends and family) to leave ‘corporate America’ as we know it (corporate Canada doesn’t have the same ring) and start working for myself from home.

There is a lot that comes with working from home, whether it is taking a remote position with a company you love or starting your own business. One of the most important factors to consider, I discovered, was creating a ‘workspace’ in your home that you can set aside as being specifically for that purpose. When we moved into this home, one of the features I loved was the bedroom located right at the front of the house off the living room – the perfect space to set up a home office!

I have had a lot of other things to worry about over the year, with returning to College, completing a number of industry-specific certifications, etc. While I did pick up the basics for the office, it is still pretty much a blank slate. Don’t get me wrong, I have what I functionally need right now to make it work – a desk, a nice office chair (ok, I splurged here and got one with heat and massage), a nice laptop, printer, etc. Now I am at the point of considering the finer details and the overall design. A project that I am going to start planning out as we round off 2017, and in 2018 it is going to become a priority.

As I scroll through everything I would like to pick up I started creating a wishlist of top items. I know that there are likely others out there reading this who are also working on their own office space, so I am going to share the top items on that list here!


Cubeical 9-Cube Storage Organizers

office, home office, office wishlist

I am IN LOVE with the cube storage look that seems to be blowing up the office and home decor websites that I have been browsing. What a fun way to add a touch of colour and style, while still giving yourself some functional storage space. I picture a 9-cube set up like this one in black, as the main furniture in my office right now is all black. As far as larger purchases, this one is topping the wishlist right now.


4-Set Non-woven Fabric Cube Storage Bins

office, home office, office wishlist

Speaking of that pop of colour, you can’t have the cube storage organizer without the storage bins to go with it. This is the first place I really want to bring some colour to my office by using red bins. I picture the office colours overall being red/black/white. At this time my furniture, as I mentioned, is all black, and my office chair is black with white accents… Time to work some red in!


Black Marble Print Desk Mat, Mouse Pad & Coaster Set

office, home office, office wishlist

This one made a previous wishlist, and here it is again. I haven’t picked it up yet but I am still absolutely in love with this black marble set for my desk. I feel like it would be such a fun, stylistic touch to everything that I am putting together.


Basic Laptop Stand

office, home office, office wishlist

In the interest of ensuring that I don’t cause myself any unnecessary back and neck pain working at a desk all day, there definitely needs to be consideration given to ensuring that I make my office as ergonomic as possible. One key way to do this is to raise my laptop on my desk up to eye level so that I am not looking down on the screen. I don’t need anything fancy, so this is perfect, plus the black colour will allow it to fit in with everything in the office perfectly.


Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

office, home office, office wishlist

If I am going to raise the laptop up using the laptop stand each time that I am sitting at my desk, then I am going to need a wireless mouse and keyboard in order to be able to use it properly. I am a little particular with my keyboards, preferring the slim keys to those that are bulkier or higher up as many brands are. This particular set looks perfect, exactly the style that will make me most comfortable.


Seagate Portable External Hard Drive

office, home office, office wishlist

This is FAR more about functionality, but I feel like its a must for my office now. With content creation and digital marketing, a lot of what I do is on a computer. The more clients that I take on, the more files that I am creating, and I definitely don’t want to bog down my computer with a ton of different images and files! I would love to get a big external hard drive where I can store everything in an easy to find, catalogued way!


Bluetooth Music Speaker Smart Touch Night Light

office, home office, office wishlist

Music is a HUGE part of what keeps me sane throughout my workday. For this reason, having a good Bluetooth speaker in my office is going to be key – something I can use to listen to music throughout the day to keep me positive, motivated and productive. I love the nightlight option that this speaker has – I could see myself using the different light option for a fun ambience!


The Medium Happy Planner – Stay Positive

office, home office, office wishlist

There has been a lot of talk among the blogging world about the purpose of planners, and I am completely on board with starting to use one regularly to organize my life. Working from home means that there is no one scheduling out your workday for you, it’s all on you! They have 3 different sizes, although I see the medium planner being the best fit as it’s not too big but, at the same time, its also big enough to write everything in that I want to include. This one, in particular, the ‘stay positive’ planner is full of uplifting and motivating quotes, which is exactly what I need to keep me going on the challenging days.


Cinematic Light Box

office, home office, office wishlist

There have been a lot of light boxes showing up in the blogging world lately, popping up in photos everywhere. I love the look of them, they are just so much fun! I picture having one in my office where I can put up something office-related on it, changing it up for different seasons and events just because it’s fun!


Dorkface Custom Portrait Illustration

office, home office, office wishlist

I LOVE the work that Jemma does, her illustrations are so fun and unique. I would love to get a custom portrait done up that reflects me and my personality to hang in my office, giving it that extra little personal touch.


Do you have a home office? If so, what things have you added to make it ‘your own’? If not, what items would you want to add if you were creating your dream office?