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If you are a blogger reading this and don’t know what I’m referring to when I reference the ‘Blogging Community,’ then let me tell you – you are missing out on an AMAZING source of support, understanding, and camaraderie!  Who better to understand you than those who are going through a similar journey in one area of their life or another? While you can connect with bloggers on any social media platform – following bloggers on Instagram or Snapchat, joining blogging groups on Facebook or, the most effective I have found, Twitter.

If you are already on Twitter and looking to connect with other bloggers, try getting involved in a Twitter Chat. What are Twitter Chats? Group conversations where a number of bloggers come together and discuss a given topic at a specified time, following one another using a designated hashtag. There are SO many great chats out there, so I decided to put together a list here. If you know of an awesome chat that isn’t listed, please fire me a message so we can update it!

Back to the topic of this post….

While I have LOVED all that the blogging community has offered, there have been a few things over the last year that left me shaking my head or feeling incredibly disappointed in a group that I know could be SO much better. Let’s get a few things straight:

Whether you are brand new, just putting your first blog together, or a veteran with years of experience, one thing is true – we are all working incredibly hard to put out the content that speaks to us. In every post that we put together, we include a piece of ourselves, a piece of our heart. Whether you are blogging about beauty products, books, fitness, parenting, travel, pets, fashion or any other topic that speaks to you, you chose your topics because they mean something to you! Never lose sight of the passion that started it. You may grow and evolve with time, shifting your focus as your interests change in life, but that underlying passing NEEDS to be there. Believe it or not, people can pick up on the difference between a blog written by someone who is following their heart and one that is just writing to knock out another post.

If you notice that someone is struggling – whether it’s a shift in their writing, a drop in their blogging activity, or social media posts admitting that they are trying to reconnect with their passion, do what bloggers do best and SUPPORT THEM! Encourage them. Remind them that there was once something that stirred their heart, and help them to rediscover it.

Speaking of support, this community is great at that… at times… If you’ve been around for any length of time you’ve likely witnessed the drama that all too often seeps in. Sometimes it’s justified, bringing an important topic to light, but often it’s a petty issue that has been blown out of proportion or a selfish individual who can’t see past their own quest for success to realize the amazing community that is around them. Don’t feed the fire. We’re all better than that… Rise above the drama and BS!

Tearing someone down will never be the key to your own success. NEVER. There are some incredibly toxic and negative individuals down there who will come at you with nasty, hateful messages in hopes that you will take the bait and stoop down to their level. Over the last year on my blog posts and social media accounts, I’ve received some pretty terrible comments, some of which came from fellow bloggers (which I will never understand). I’ve been called selfish, fat, washed up, a wannabe and a freak (I’ll own the last one, thanks). In those moments, you have two options – drop to their level, which ultimately results in you being no better than them, or show them the rock star you are by rising above and continuing to shine.

Whether you have been blogging for a day, a month, a year or a lifetime, never forget: You are uniquely you – a wonderful, amazing, talented individual and NO ONE can ever replace you.

Regardless of what you blog about and how popular that niche may be, no one can share what you do. A handful of bloggers could all review the same product, share the same beauty tip or photograph the same outfit, but every post is going to come out a little different. From individual personalities to differing life experiences, we each view life through our own unique lens, and there is always room for another voice in the blogosphere. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You have a story, and if you want to share it, then don’t allow anyone the power to stand in your way.

This community can help you reach new heights. Over the course of 2017, I have met new, amazing friends around the world, connected with hundreds of bloggers online, shared laughter and tears, celebrations and struggles… It has SO many great aspects that I would, without hesitation, recommend getting involved to any blogger or potential blogger that I meet, just remember – we ARE the community. We hold the power to make it something great or to give in to the negativity.

Let’s make 2018 a year of support, encouragement, and success. Together we can make it happen!