According to Twitter today is National Pet Day! Now I’m sure this is likely just some marketing ploy that a pet related company such as a pet food/treat company came up with to give them an opportunity to push their products, like many of the ‘days’ that we see BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t get excited and on board.

What do I see National Pet Day as? A chance to unapologetically brag up the adorable balls of fur that occupy such an important part of my life!

Now I know that many of you who read my blog do so because you follow me on Social Media – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook – and for that reason you have likely already seen my four babies popping up in posts, or photobombing pictures I am sharing. Here on the blog I featured my two pups in a post about travelling with dogs. Up to this point, however, I have never actually introduced the all of you out in the internet world to these adorable and goofy personalities that occupy so much of my time…






When I met the man who is now my husband I already had Daviana. I wasn’t exactly looking for a dog when this goofball wormed her way into my heart, but once she was in my house there was no turning back because I could never give her up! She came from our local humane society at just a year old. How someone can mistreat and/or turn their back on such a dog as beautiful as this baby still baffles me, but their loss is my gain!

Dav is 9 years old now, although I am sure she missed the memo somewhere along the way because she is regularly mistaken by others as being just a puppy. She is a solid ball of muscle who would play all day long if you would just let her – Whether she is playing with us humans and her favourite Kong squeak balls, or re-enacting WWE with her brother (or any other willing pup), she’s always up for playtime!

She is a Mommy’s girl without a doubt. Don’t get me wrong, she loves her daddy, but with it initially being just her and I, we bonded big time. Due to this she occasionally gets a little overprotective, and has even growled at a good friend (who she knew so I don’t know why this time was different, but whatever) for giving me a hug… She is in no way vicious, and unless someone actually physically harmed me she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but that doesn’t stop her from making her protective nature known vocally!

She LOVES camping with us in the summer…. There is nothing that makes this girl happier in the summer weather than a long hike with me out on the park trails, or some quality time swimming in whatever lake we happen to be near at the time.

I learned quickly after bringing her home that this dog has some SERIOUS allergy issues. She has Atopic Dermatitis – which basically means that when her allergies are triggered she shows it in a skin reaction. She will lose her hair, get welts, get super itchy, etc. all over just eating the wrong thing. To top it off she appears to be allergic to, or sensitive to, EVERYTHING almost… Chicken, Beef, Lamb, Turkey, Wheat, Corn… the list is endless. We spent A LONG time finding the right food and treats for this goof! After years of getting used to it all we have it all





When my husband and I went on our first date we took our dogs at the time for a walk. For this reason, I know VERY early on that he was going to share my love for the fur babies. Unfortunately, after we were married we lost Chloe, the lab he owned when we met, to a brain tumor. Daviana was more than willing to provide cuddles, love and a play partner to both of us, but it just felt ‘off’. You see, a lot of our activities previously revolved around us and the pups…. We would take the pups on the trails, take the pups to the beach, etc. Now it was like every one of these activities reminded him that he no longer had ‘his’ dog. It didn’t help that Dav is SUCH a mommy’s girl. So, we went on the search for a pup that would meet his list of requirements…. Thanks to the power of the Internet we connected with Indiana’s Foster Mom in Ohio!

Ok, so I will admit, Ohio is a little bit of a drive just to adopt a pet BUT he was literally perfect for our little family on paper so we had to go check it out. I still remember that day because I was sick as a dog, literally trying to sleep off whatever bug I was fighting in the vehicle while my husband drove because I didn’t want to miss our chance to go see this pup. It was love at first sight for everyone involved I think because Indy came home with us that day and has been an integral part of this family ever since.

Where Dav is energetic, hyper and always ready to go, Indy is a 5 year old total cuddle monster who would love nothing more than to cuddle, sunbath and just get attention all day. Don’t get me wrong, he and Dav can get going pretty well with their WWE re-enactments, but toys don’t get him excited (he’d rather you give him something he can eat). He is a giant black hole when it comes to food – this dog can, and will try to, eat everything and anything!

I have never seen a more passive and submissive dog. He has NO desire to try to dominate anyone, if another dog so much as looks at him he’s on his back happily handing over that title. He is OBSESSED with my husband, following him around the house like a shadow. When my husband settles in on the couch for the evening to watch a bit of TV and relax Indy can always be found curled up with him, fast asleep with the most content look you will ever see upon his face.






Like Daviana, I got Pippen before I met my husband. At the time I was working retail, in fact I was managing a pet store. We ran a fundraiser at the time where we took a handful of pictures of pets that were currently up for adoption at our local Humane Society and put them up in the store asking people to vote for the ‘cutest pet’. To vote people put change in the respective containers – the pet with the highest total at the end won. I have no recollection of who won, or even who the other pets were at the time, but I remember staring at her picture every day thinking just how gorgeous she was. When I came in to drop off donations to the Humane Society there she was, those same big owl eyes staring back at me from her cage, and I was sold!

Pippen is a princess, there is no better way to describe it. She knows she is gorgeous, and expects everyone to act like it! She is 8 years old and runs our house – When Pip walks up to the dog’s water dishes wanting a drink they will step back and wait for her to be finished. Its not that they don’t like her or are ‘afraid’ of her per say, she cuddles both pups rather frequently purring away happily, they just know who calls the shots!

Despite how it looks there isn’t actually much cat there – She’s all fur! At her last visit Pippen weighed in at a whopping 5lbs. We had recently shaved her down (because she felt the need to climb my mother’s real Christmas tree getting pine sap all through her fur and it was easier to shave her and let her wear a sweater than it was to get it all out), and the end result showed how tiny she actually is! That being said she has a GORGEOUS long coat that I absolutely love.

Pippen has a tiny little meow, you can easily miss it if there is any other noises in the room. She LOVES to play fetch for hours (literally, we tested it once), is obsessed with little toy mice, and anytime I am sitting in my lazy boy in the evening watching TV she can be found curled up on the foot stool beside my legs. She loves to be pet on her terms, but will only allow me to pick her up.





Last, but definitely not least, is Jinx…. Oh Jinx, how do I describe this nut? When my husband and I were dating we were jokingly looking at ads for pets online talking about all the pets we would have if we lived together at the time. Well this one ad on Kijiji caught our attention. Someone had found a momma and kittens in the pallets behind a grocery store. Only 2 of the kittens survived, they were keeping one and looking for the right home for the second. There she was, my biggest weakness when it comes to cats, an adorable little Tortie.

Well that adorable little tortie is now a slightly overweight 6 year old trouble maker. If something gets broken in our house, odds are this little terrorist is behind it. She cuddles and plays with the pups, but to get them going she will literally nip the back of their feet and run so they chase her.

Our most recent ‘typical Jinx’ moment came with the move to the new house. We got a little table to put the cats food up on in the kitchen so the pups wouldn’t have access to it and all was good. They didn’t even notice it up there, so they weren’t tempted to try to get at it, and they had never tasted that cat food. I noticed a few weeks later that Indy was suddenly super interested in the food dishes. One day as I peeked into the kitchen hearing noises I figured out why – Jinx was literally throwing pieces of food off the table down to Indy!

She is super vocal – you always know when Jinx is around. She is also forceful when she wants attention. Like if you think you can sit at the laptop and get work done when she wants pets, think again because she’s on that laptop in 2 seconds flat. No matter how many times I move her off it, she’s back again. She also races me to the bathroom when she sees me heading in that direction so that she can jump up on the back of the toilet seat to get attention (no word of a lie). She also likes getting carried around on your shoulders, which my husband started with her when she was little, but she’s not so little anymore!


Do you share your home with any fur babies? Please share all about them in the comments! I would love to hear who you are celebrating this National Pet Day!