bath, bath bomb, Lush, Lush products, Intergalactic

It’s not that I wasn’t familiar with Lush as a store, I’ve been in, and even purchased their products on multiple occasions, but for some strange reason I never did try out a bath bomb. One thing that I see constantly on my social media since getting into blogging is bath bombs everywhere – photos, videos, reviews…. It was like the universe kept reminding me that the time has come to give them a go!

Really, who am I to tell the universe now? So, I picked up my first bath bomb…

bath, bath bomb, Lush, Lush products, Intergalactic

I have to say, after knowing about the products for a lengthy period of time it made it MUCH harder to decide on one… I can’t count how many different mentions I have seen, how many of you have shared your favourites – and trust me I took note of each and every one of them! I ended up trusting the young woman working at the time, and brought home Intergalactic!

She suggested it for one main reason that really resonated – peppermint oil. I have bad allergies, and some mornings I wake up just DYING from it. I want to claw my eyes out, and even worse is the condition of my sinuses. Has anyone ever experienced a killer sinus headache? You know what I’m talking about – Save me now!!!! Peppermint oil is a known natural treatment for sinuses, which is why I always keep a stash of real peppermint tea in the house!

bath, bath bomb, Lush, Lush products, Intergalactic

Today was one of those not so hot sinus days. I tried to ignore it at first, attempting to at least be SOMEWHAT productive, but after awhile I knew I had to give in and doing something about it… I was just about to make a peppermint tea and curl up under my favourite blanket when I remembered the bath bomb was here.

Watching it made me feel like a child – I was SO amused by all the pretty colours, and I loved the deep blue of the water when it was done. I was even somewhat mesmerized by the sparkles that floated in the water, and I am definitely not a glitter and flash kind of person! Most impressive, however, was the scent and the power that it had. Breathing in that peppermint oil was amazing, and it really did do wonders. I instantly vowed to keep some stocked around the house during cold and flu season because I could see it being a must have remedy! I mean really, what makes you feel better when dealing with congestion than a relaxing, hot bath and something to clear up the sinuses effectively???

Here’s my one complaint: As I mentioned above, I am really not a glitter person. If there is one thing that this bath bomb is not lacking, its glitter! There is glitter EVERYWHERE! I mean right now, hours later, there is glitter everywhere – I have said many times in the past that glitter is the herpes of craft supplies, and I stand by that statement today even if I wasn’t crafting! It doesn’t seem to want to come off my bath mat, it doesn’t matter how hard I try, and my skin is another story… I feel as though I belong in one of the Twilight movies with how I’m currently glittering away!

All in all, I was super impressed (once I got past all the glitter). I think I need to discover a non-glittery peppermint option… but I can’t say I would avoid ever touching this one again. My skin is super soft, and I can see why people purchase these!!!!


Are you one of the legions of Lush addicts? What is your favourite bath bomb?