We’ve all been there – You are wanting badly to stick to your diet and calorie count, however your friends are planning a night out that you just CAN’T miss.

Sticking to your health and weight loss/maintenance goals doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a cocktail with friends, it just means you need to be strategic when you are ordering your drinks.



Ask the bartender to skip the simple syrup and suddenly a once cautionary drink becomes a great low calorie option! Mint, lime and soda water are all lower calorie, ‘safe’ options – add a shot of rum for 100 calories and you are good to enjoy this treat guilt free!


Vodka/Water or Vodka/Soda

Stick with a lower calorie mix, and this is one super guilt free option! Adding a little lemon or lime can give your drink that touch of flavor, and avoid any sugary mix options! Choosing soda water over tonic water ensures that you avoid the extra calories and sugar!


Rum and Diet

With Diet Coke adding no calories at all to your drink, this is a classic option that you should keep on the radar! With only the calories from the rum to count, you can indulge in this favourite while out at the bar with friends without worry!



I know you’re thinking I’m crazy – with all the sugars in the juices in a Cosmo it surely doesn’t count as a lower calorie drink option! What if I told you that you could have it made low calorie? I’m not kidding! Raspberry Vodka, club soda, a splash of cranberry juice and a squeeze of lime will give you the taste of a Cosmo with a fraction of the calories!



It’s an extra special celebration and you want to go all out – Don’t worry about busting out the bubbly! As far as keeping your calorie count down, champagne is surprisingly one of your safest choices! Raise your glass to toast your healthy living goals!