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I wanted to do something a little fun today, and I have seen a lot of these A to Z posts showing up on my Twitter feed recently. Some have more of a serious tone to them – like the A to Z of reasons you have to be thankful in life to help someone who is depressed – while others are quirkier – like I saw an A to Z of being a gamer, and A to Z book lists.

A good focus of my running around in town today was in an attempt to find a new formula of food for our cats… they refuse to have separate dishes, so I need something that both can eat – however Pippen needs to gain weight and Jinx needs to lose, so a tall order to fill!

This got me to thinking that being a pet mom is a HUGE part of who I am, and of my day every day. SO… Here’s the A to Z of life as a pet mom!


A: Adoption – I’m a firm believer in ‘adopt, don’t shop, all mine are rescues!

B: Bed Buddies – Never sleep alone again

C: Carrots – They fill my crispers, the puppies’ favourite treat

D: Dog Beds – At least one in every room of the house

E: Eyes – Watching everything you do (and everything you eat)

F: Fur On everything, my new go-to accessory

G: Gas – Indy is the king of it, he can clear a room!

H: Hugs and Cuddles – Love snuggling my fur babies

I: Intelligence – No lack of it, Dav keeps me on my toes every day

J: Jogging – With my girl, my special workout partner

K: Kong Toys – One of the few toys that stand up to my pups!

L: Litter Boxes – Everyone’s favourite part of cat ownership, right?

M: Mice – Hidden in every nook and cranny of the house

N: Naps – During the day, cuddled up with the pets

O: Obedience – After a great deal of training, they are so well behaved!

P: Pawprints – Often all over my once clean floors

Q: Quality Time – Spent with the babies, every chance possible

R: Rubber Balls – All through the yard

S: Scratch Post – One of the biggest pieces of furniture in my dining room +

T: Tails – Clearing tables everywhere they go

U: Urination – When Indy gets a little too excited hahaha

V: Vomiting and Furballs – Always a fun surprise

W: Water – All over the floor because Indy is a messy drinker!

X: Xtra Energy – Is there a way to bottle it? This crew never stops!!!! (cheating a bit, I know, but you find a word about pets that starts with x lol)

Y: Yearly Checkups – With our favourite vet, keeping them happy and healthy

Z: Zoo – Sometimes it feels like I live in one!!!


At the end of the day, I LOVE being a pet mom, and wouldn’t change it for the world!

Does this speak to you at all? Any of these sound familiar? Any changes you would make to the list? I’d love to hear your opinions in the comments below!